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Park your car with a 'beep'! With Telepass you can park in airports, stations and trade fairs without stressing about tickets.

No more queues, tickets or cash!

Telepass is your pass not only for your travels but also for your stops! You will be able to automatically park in the many Telepass participating car parks in airports, stations and trade fairs.

You can simply reach the entrance to find the dedicated lanes or find them on the App. And with a 'beep' you can come, stop and go without worrying about tickets ever again.

How does the service work

Pick your lane
When coming and going from the participating car parks, look for the Telepass logo.
When you reach the barrier gate coming or going, please slow down to allow for the Telepass device to transmit the signal.
After the 'beep', the barrier gate will rise automatically. The charge will be debited to your account and you'll be able to view it on the App.

Find participating Parking facilities

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How can we help you?

You can view the amount charged for parking at the time you exit the parking lot, on the display positioned on the column.

In any case, the list of stops made and the related charges are always available in your Telepass App or in the Reserved Area of the site, in the "Transactions and Invoices" section.

You can view the Telepass participating parking garages right on your Telepass App or on the site.

Nota Compliance: il servio è prestato in regime di esenzione ai sensi dell’Articolo 3, paragrafo 1, lett. k) della Dir. 25/11/2015, n. 2015/2366 relativa ai servizi di pagamento nel mercato interno.