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Parkings Service

Affiliated Car Parks

Pay your parking charges automatically at car parks in airports, railway stations, and exhibition centres.
Parkings Service
Affiliated Car Parks

Park and pay in seconds

The Telepass device lets you park at affiliated car parks in railway stations, airports, exhibition centres, and across cities. View all the affiliated car parks in our app, take the yellow lane reserved for Telepass customers, and pay automatically with your device. Track your expenses in the app and pay every quarter.

This service is available with all Telepass plans.

The Affiliated Car Parks service – How it works

Pick your lane
Look for the small pillars with the Telepass logo at affiliated car parks and take the lane reserved for Telepass customers.
Enter and exit
Slow down as you approach the barrier and drive through once you hear a beep.
Open app
You can track your parking history and charges on the app and pay every quarter.

Look for Affiliated Car Parks


How can we help?

You can view the amount charged for parking at the time you exit the parking lot, on the display positioned on the column.

In any case, the list of stops made and the related charges are always available in your Telepass App or in the Reserved Area of the site, in the "Transactions and Invoices" section.

You can view the Telepass participating parking garages right on your Telepass App or on the site.

You can conveniently pay for your stop in one of the participating parking garages using directly the Telepass device.

Entering or exiting the participating parking garages of airports, stations and fairs, look for the parking meters with the Telepass logo, the parking bar will automatically lift and you will be able to leave without stopping at the cash desk.

Nota Compliance: il servizio è prestato in regime di esenzione ai sensi dell’Articolo 3, paragrafo 1, lett. k) della Dir. 25/11/2015, n. 2015/2366 relativa ai servizi di pagamento nel mercato interno.