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Food & Drink

Your Autogrill order using the Telepass Pay App! Book your snacks and coffee break to avoid waiting at the Autogrill.

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Take a smart break

When on a highway, take an enjoyable break from driving.

Thanks to the innovative Food & Drink Service, you can purchase Autogrill products directly from the Telepass Pay App. Once you arrive to the Autogrill, you can conveniently pick up your order at the Click&Good distribution point.

This way, you will avoid tedious waiting and wasting time at checkout, and you will not need cash or credit cards!

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How does the service work

On the App, enter the Autogrill Service and select the location closest to you.
Select the products you like, pay from the App and look out for the order confirmation email.
Pick up
When you receive the notification on the App, go to the Click&Good pick-up point. Show your order number and collect.

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You can find the Service Areas where the Food&Drink service is active by clicking here.