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Boats and Ferries Service

Ships & Ferries

Buy affordable tickets from the app to travel by ships and ferries.
Boats and Ferries Service
Ships & Ferries

One app for all your ship and ferry tickets

Use your app to buy tickets to travel by sea. Our partnership with Moby, Tirrenia, and Toremar ensures you get the most affordable tickets every single time.

Available with the Plus and Telepass Pay X plans.

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The Ships & Ferries service – How it works

Navi & Traghetti Privati - Step 1
Open app
Select the Ships & Ferries service and pick your trip by sea.
Navi & Traghetti Privati - Step 2
Buy tickets
Enter travel details such as date and number of passengers to pick the trip of your choice.
Navi & Traghetti Privati - Step 3
Welcome aboard!
Get ready to travel by sea: your tickets are available in your app.

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The Ships & Ferries service - managed by Moby / Toremar / Tirrenia - covers all major Italian sea routes.

To learn about all the details of the routes click here.

Once purchased, tickets will be sent directly to the email address you provided during the purchase. Please note that a PDF version of the tickets will also be available in the "archive" section on the App.

For information on changes or refunds of tickets purchased via Telepass, please contact Moby's customer service directly, by phone: 800 804020 or by email: