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Here's what you can do if you're not a customer yet:

Here's what you can do if you're a Telepass customer:

  • pick up the Telepass device you ordered on our website or app,
  • activate Roadside Assistance,
  • request a second device (Twin),
  • replace your old device with a new one ordered on our app.

Here's what you can't do at a Telepass Point:

  • return your device to terminate your contract, see how here,
  • change the bank account details linked to your contract, see how here,
  • block your device in the event of theft or loss, see how here,
  • change the number plate linked to your device, see how here,
  • make pending toll payments,
  • activate Milan’s Area C service, see how here,
  • replace your device without making a request online, see how here;
  • get the Motorbike Discount offer, see how here.

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