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Use the Whistleblowing process to report illegal conduct or irregularities.

Our company cares deeply about ethics: we are committed to operating according to principles of correct behaviors, respecting the laws and acting every day according to values of honesty, reliability, impartiality, loyalty, transparency, correctness and good faith.

For this purpose, Telepass makes the Whistleblowing process available to you, should you encounter behaviors or facts that you believe may represent illicit conduct or irregularities, violations of laws, company procedures, 231 Models and any behavior that violates the values of integrity, honesty and respect for people.

To communicate this type of behavior or facts we offer you these communication channels:

  • IT platform, by clicking on the link below (“Whistleblowing Platform”);
  • email, to the email address -;
  • ordinary mail, to the address - Telepass S.p.A., Team Whistleblowing, via Laurentina, 449, 00142 Roma.

If you decide to use the IT platform you will be asked to register. Telepass will not be able to access your registration credentials, which will be kept, protected and accessible exclusively by the third party who manages the platform. Your credentials will not be associated with what you report.

We ask you to register to ensure that only you can access what has been reported and verify its status and, where necessary, to facilitate dialogue between you and the Telepass Whistleblowing Team.

If you prefer to communicate with the 231 Supervisory Body of Telepass S.p.A. you can use the email address -

We remind you that the behavior or facts reported must be adequately detailed in order to be taken into account and that Telepass guarantees the confidentiality of your identity, in compliance with the provisions of the law.