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Request a Skipass on the Telepass App! Access facilities with no queues at the ticket office.

Go to the top of the mountain without stopping at the ticket office!

With the Telepass App, you can purchase Skipasses for the whole family at the best price for about 2000 km of slopes and ski lifts at the most famous Italian ski resorts.

Also, with Telepass you can enjoy the mountains in every season! The Skipass service is active even in summertime.

Squadra FISI Telepass

How does the service work

Open the Telepass Pay App and request up to a maximum of 4 Skipasses. You will receive them at home, Punti Blu centers or at the ticket office of the affiliated facilities
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Go to the Telepass Pay App under the section "I already have a Skipass" and link names to your cards.
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The top of the mountain is waiting for you! Proceed to the turnstiles, move your Skipass close to the reader and you are set to go.
Tessera Skipass Telepass

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How can we help you?

With the Skipass service, at the end of the day you will see the best rate applied as agreed by the ski resort based on the number and time of completed accesses to the affiliated facilities.

You will find transaction details for each individual Skipass card directly on your Telepass Pay or Telepass Pay X App in the "Transactions Archive" section.

You can also check the activity of each Skipass card in the "My Skipass" section.

You can check the updated list of ski lifts where the Telepass Pay Skipass payment service is operational right here.

This information is also easily available on your App.

You will be charged €5 for each registered Skipass card. Shipping is free.