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Banks and Post Offices

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Welcome to the world of Telepass

You can activate the Telepass Base plan with your bank details at affiliated banks and post offices.

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Before activating the Telepass Base plan, check whether:

  • yours is an affiliated bank by searching below,
  • your bank hands out the Telepass device at their counters.

You can also collect the device at a Telepass Point or Telepass Store. Don’t forget to take the contract copy signed at your bank along with vehicle registration certificates for the number plates you wish to add to the device.

Find out if yours is an affiliated bank

Direct debit for the Telepass Family contract is only possible with debit cards that use the PagoBancomat network (domestic debit network). Debit cards issued on international networks such as Visa, Mastercard, VPay, and Maestro won't work.
You can also request your Banca Fideuram, Banca Mediolanum, and BPS Suisse, or Fineco financial advisor for a Telepass device.

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Post Offices

Do you have a BancoPosta current account that receives your salary or pension? You can activate Telepass Base and pick up your device in any of our 5,500 affiliated post offices. You can activate the plan on our app if you don't have a BancoPosta account that receives your salary or pension!

Some post offices may take up to 3 days to deliver the device. You can also have the device sent to you for €5.73.

If you have a BancoPosta current account that doesn't receive your salary or pension, you can still request the Telepass device
at a Telepass Store or Punto Blu.

Everything’s simpler online

Use our app or your User Account to activate your plans, get a device at your doorstep at no additional cost,
and more!