Public Transportation

Your ATM subscription on the Telepass Pay App! Receive at home your annual subscription, avoiding queues and paying in installments.
Public Transportation

The city in your hands!

Just one tap on your smartphone guarantees you all your urban mobility on any public transportation anytime you want.

With Telepass Pay you can subscribe, directly from the App, to the annual ATM membership for the metropolitan city of Milan and for the provinces of Monza and Brianza.

How does the service work

Geolocate yourself on the Telepass Pay App and select the STIBM areas of your interest for your ATM membership.
Proceed with the purchase. You will receive the card at home alredy activated and ready for use.
Pay in installments
The charge will be debited monthly directly to your account.

Telepass App

Managing your movements is easier.
Access your reserved area from the Telepass App.


How can we help you?

You can activate up to a maximum of two ATM memberships for each Telepass Pay contract as long as they are associated with people in your household.

Once you complete the purchase on the App, your membership will be valid from the 1st day of the month following the request, if made by the 10th day of the current month, otherwise from the second following month.

For example, if you purchase your membership by August 10th, it will be active starting September 1st; if you purchase it between the 11th and the 31st of August, the membership will be active from October 1st.

The areas of coverage of the annual ATM subscription - both urban and extra-urban - that can be purchased with Telepass Pay are all those within the Metropolitan City of Milan and the Province of Monza and Brianza. Specifically, the areas of coverage are divided as follows:

  • urban annual subscription: from MI1 to MI3;
  • extra-urban annual subscription: possible combination of the nine tariff areas set by the Integrated Tariff System of the Mobility Area or STIBM. To view the nine tariff areas included in the STIBM click here.

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