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Need to go to work?

The Mobility Accident Insurance policy by Telepass protects you even in an emergency.


Telepass X BIZ saves your business time and resources

The Telepass-BNL-Arval integrated offer for an all-round management of corporate mobility.

Telepass Business for your company

Whether you are a freelancer, a small business or a large company,
Telepass always offers you the most efficient solutions for monitoring your company vehicles.

For those who want the Motorway service
€15,49 per year
  • Viacard for the payment of highway tolls
Dedicated to Viacard holders who want all Telepass services
1.03€ per month
  • Colorful Slim device included
  • Many services for your company car
Telepass Fleet Business Offer
For those who want to fully manage the company fleet
Price upon request
  • Telepass device included
  • Electronic invoicing management service included
V5 Device

The new Slim device is here

Thinner, handier, more colorful! A new generation device to travel and drive without limits. Activate the Telepass Business offer for you and your company and choose the color you like best.

Insurance RC Auto

Request an estimate!

Choose whether to insure your car with Telepass Assicura or calculate an estimate with partner companies: you will always receive the offer with the most advantageous car insurance premium.

If you own a small or medium-sized company (up to 10 vehicles), you can request a bank account Viacard, which allows you to debit highway tolls monthly without spending limits directly to your bank account or credit card, and then request the Telepass device.

If you are a large company owner, you can request the Fleet service, designed to simplify the mobility management of large corporate fleets. By integrating the Telepass payment system with management software, web portal and mobile app, Telepass Fleet simplifies the management of both company and driver mobility.

The “Dual” service allows employees to use the Telepass device assigned to them by their company for personal purposes too. Employees can categorize their transits as personal from the Portal and the App, and be charged directly on their bank account.

Additionally, Telepass "Dual" offers employees the opportunity to use the Premium Card and to take advantage of discounts, either immediate or credited on the invoice, on the purchase of goods and services provided by Telepass Partners, as well as to pair the company device with a second private license plate.

The Car Insurance service offers Telepass Business customers the possibility to purchase, through the Telepass App, Car Insurance policies and additional warranties issued in partnership with insurance companies.

In the specific, upon approval from the insurance company, you can add the following additional warranties to your policy:

  • driver's personal injury;
  • theft and fire;
  • liability;
  • glass & windshield protection;
  • Kasko collision;
  • claim protection;
  • bonus protection.

It is a small device you place on the windshield of your vehicle or on your motorcycle that allows you to pay highway tolls by charging your bank account without stopping at the booth when you transit through the dedicated Telepass gates.

Besides tolls, with Telepass you can also pay for parking, Area C Milan Congestion Charge, and Strait of Messina ferries: all at no additional cost.

A Reserved Area to access information related to contract, activity, and invoices is available to customers who register on the Telepass site.

In the Reserved Area, customers can also:

  • update their address and plates associated with the contract;
  • activate services, such as Area C - Milan Congestion Charge;
  • request Roadside Assistance;
  • update contact details for electronic invoicing.

To access the Reserved Area, customers need to register using the ID code received via email or letter at the time they initiated the contract.