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Offerte Privati Concorso Settimana Bianca Telepass Pay X
GO by Telepass

Europe is just
a beep away!

The Europe Device with GO by Telepass lets you cruise through toll booths in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.

Our plans

Subscribe to our plans and get a Telepass device delivered to your doorstep at no additional cost! Use the Telepass app to link two number plates to your device, manage your trips, and more.

Offerta Telepass Plus
5 services* + Europe device
  • Tolls and affiliated car parks
  • Europe device
  • Exclusive GO by Telepass app
  • Pay easily with a credit card
Telepass Easy Offer
11 services* + Telepass device
  • Tolls and affiliated car parks
  • Fuel, EV Charging, Car Tax
  • On-street Parking

Always by your side!

You can find us both online and offline.

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Pick and activate your plan in the app.

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Telepass Point

Your plans on the go.

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Telepass Store

Come meet us in Milan and Turin.

Our other plans
Telepass Plus

Enjoy our wide range of Telepass services designed just for you.

Telepass Pay X

Access a wide range of Telepass services and get a BNL account with Pay X.

Telepass Pay Per Use

Pay only when you use your device and the Telepass services.


How can we help?

You can take advantage of the services offered by Telepass Pay by joining the Telepass Pay X offer through the Telepass Pay X App.

There are different plans that offer the Telepass device and mobility services, all based on monthly subscriptions:

  • Telepass Pay X: zero monthly fee for the first two years, then €3 per month,
  • Telepass Base: €1.83 per month,
  • Telepass Easy: €2,50 per month,
  • Telepass Plus: €3 per month,
  • Telepass Pay Per Use: €10 activation fee and, only on device use, €2.50 per month,
  • Telepass Next: €5 per month and €35 installation fee.

“Mobility service charges” are: On-street Parking, Fuel, EV Charging, Car Tax, Vehicle Inspections, Car Wash, Taxis, Trains, Ships & Ferries, Public Transport, Skipass, pagoPA, Coaches, and Food & Drink. These services are charged on a monthly basis and don’t require the use of the device.

Services that you can use with your Telepass device are: Motorways, Car Parks, Area C - Milan, and Strait of Messina Ferries. These services are charged every quarter.

* I servizi Autostrada, Parcheggi Convenzionati, Area C Milano e Traghetto Stretto di Messina sono prestati in regime di esenzione ai sensi dell’Articolo 3, paragrafo 1, lett. k) della Dir. 25/11/2015, n. 2015/2366 relativa ai servizi di pagamento nel mercato interno.