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With two simple tools - Telepass and App - you have your mobility at your fingertips, at 360°.

Telepass Pay is the solution to move anywhere, as you want.

Discover our offers for smart and convenient travels by using one simple App.

Just €4 per month
  • European Device included
  • Many services for your car
  • One simple App to manage all the services
Telepass + Telepass Pay
2,50€ per month
  • Assorted color device included
  • Advantages of the Telepass plan
  • Telepass Pay mobility services
  • A new, single App
Telepass + Telepass Pay + BNL card
€2.50 per month
Free for two years
  • Slim device included
  • Advantages of the Telepass plan
  • Telepass Pay mobility services
  • A single App to manage it all
  • One prepaid card free of charge


How can we help you?

Telepass Pay is a payment circuit linked to your mobility that allows you to benefit of many services integrated on one single App. Discover more here.

You can take advantage of the services offered by Telepass Pay by joining the Telepass Pay X offer through the Telepass Pay X App.

Telepass Pay X is a new payment solution created in collaboration with BNL and that allows you to pay for all your travel and shopping through the Telepass Pay X App.

The offer, free of charge for two years, includes:

  • Telepass payment services (tolls, parking in facilities, etc.) with a quarterly charge on any bank account;
  • Telepass Pay mobility services (Street Parking, Fuel, Taxi, Skipass etc.) with immediate debit on a BNL payment account;
  • a BNL payment account that you can reload to use Telepass Pay services and for your purchases;
  • a prepaid card associated with the BNL account for POS and e-commerce transactions.

At the end of the two years, the monthly Telepass Pay X fee will be € 2.50 (VAT included).