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Autostrada in Europa

Motorways in Europe

Add the Europe Device to your plan to travel hassle-free in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.
Autostrada in Europa
Motorways in Europe

Get the Europe device and you’re good to go!

Travel across Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal with a single device.
Access the Motorways in Europe service with our Europe device. Enjoy hassle-free and borderless travel by car or motorbike. Drive on motorways without stopping at toll booths and get automatic access to Affiliated Car Parks in Italy and abroad!

The Motorways in Europe service – How much it costs

There is a one-off activation fee in addition to your Viacard plan, and a monthly fee only when you use the Europe device.

€6 activation fee
activation fee
€2.40 per month
Only when you use your Europe Device
in Spain or Portugal.

A Telepass lane is always waiting for you!

Pedaggio Italia
Pedaggio Francia
Pedaggio Spagna
Pedaggio Portogallo
Pedaggio Croazia
Assistenza Stradale


How can we help?

You can join the Europe Service and receive a new device simply by going to the Punto Blu closest to you.

Family customers may also activate the service through the website.

The Europe Service is a new service dedicated to light vehicles (cars, motorcycles) that allows you to pay highway tolls and parking in affiliated car parks in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal with a single device.

The Europe Service has an activation cost of €6 plus a monthly fee of € 2.40 for each foreign country crossed (Spain and Portugal are considered as a single country under this service).

The individual country fee applies only once per calendar month regardless of the number of transits made in the given country. During the months in which you do not use Telepass to pay foreign tolls, the fee will not apply.