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La fattura del contratto Base (ex contratto Telepass Family) è trimestrale; può comunque subire variazioni qualora le spese, nell'arco del trimestre superino il plafond di 258,23 € fino al 30 giugno 2024, poi 350 € dall'1 luglio 2024. Questo importo si rivaluterà ogni anno in base all’indice ISTAT dei prezzi al consumo per le famiglie di operai e impiegati.

L'eventuale superamento del plafond trimestrale comporta il passaggio del ciclo di fatturazione dalla cadenza trimestrale a quella mensile, con addebito, nelle sole fatture aggiuntive, di una quota associativa di 3,72€ mensili.

La fattura tornerà trimestrale se gli importi addebitati nel trimestre di riferimento rientreranno nel limite di 258,23 € fino al 30 giugno 2024 o di 350 € dall'1 luglio 2024.

Once purchased, tickets will be sent directly to the email address you provided during the purchase. Please note that a PDF version of the tickets will also be available in the "archive" section on the App.

To return your old Telepass device, please choose only one of the following methods:

  • delivery to the Post Office.
  • Home collection.
  • Delivery to Lockers.

For more details on how to return your device, please check this link. Whichever return method you choose, you need to present the "old" Telepass device carefully packed and with a return label printed in A4 format. You do not need to attach the return label on the envelope.

Please note that the return of the "old" Telepass device does not incur in any further costs added to the replacement service, provided you complete the return within 20 days from the date of delivery of the new device, otherwise a penalty of € 25 will apply.

As a Telepass Pay X customer you can have a virtual/physical prepaid card, active on the Mastercard circuit, linked to your BNL account that you can use to make your purchases in a safe, innovative way at all the retailers or websites that adhere to the Mastercard circuit in Italy and abroad.

Through the contactless technology, you will be able to make your purchases in all the stores displaying the symbol simply by approching the card to the POS and for amounts under 25 euros you won't need a PIN code.

For all online payments, in addition to the 16 digits displayed on the front of the card, you have to provide the 3 digits secuirty code CVC2 on the back of the card and the expiration date. This data is also available on the Telepass Pay X App. To make your transactions more secure, the security code is updated at each use. Also, you will be able to confirm all your purchases on all websites that participate to Mastercard ID Check using the Telepass Pay X APP in an easy and safe way.

You can withdraw cash anywhere. To manage the balance on your prepaid card there is a dedicated section on the Telepass Pay X App.

You can end your contract at any time and with no penalties or closing costs by simply returning the device at the nearest 'Punto Blu' or mailing it with registered mail to the following address: Telepass S.p.A. - Via del Serafico 49 - 00142 Roma.

You can withdraw from your Ski or Travel Insurance at any time without penalties and with no need to give a reason within the first 14 days following the contract subscription.

Although, in the case of the Travel and Baggage Insurance or for the short term insurance policies that last less than a month, the right of withdrawal is not applicable.

The right of withdrawal remains governed by the conditions set by the insurance companies, therefore please refer to the provisions on your policy.

The Telepass device is equipped with an acoustic signaling system that emits continuous or intermittent sounds, with low or high tones, to let users know if their Telepass device is working properly.

A high-pitched tone indicates that transit was successfully completed.

A low-pitched tone indicates that an error occurred during transit, in which case you should check the activity record directly from your Telepass App or from the Reserved Area of the site. In the event of another low-pitched tone during a subsequent transit, contact Punto Blu to verify that your device is working properly.

Three high-pitched tones indicate that the battery is low and therefore you need to contact Punto Blu to request the replacement of the Telepass device.

You can view the policy purchase directly on the Telepass APP by selecting the movements list or accessing the Car Insurance section- Archive, where you can view and download the PDF document with all details.

Keep in mind that all documents are also sent to your email.