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Book your taxi with the Telepass Pay App! Contact and pay your taxi with a few taps. Without middlemen.

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Your taxi is coming, in one click!

TPlus is always by your side, even when you choose to travel by taxi.

Thanks to the App, you can find and book the nearest taxi, monitor the waiting time, and pay for your ride without the need for cash or credit cards. As simple as that!

How does the service work

Find a taxi
Use the Telepass Pay App to find the taxi nearest to you. You can geolocate yourself or enter your address in the App.
Book it and make yourself comfortable: With the App you can see the name of your taxi and monitor the estimated arrival time
At the end of your ride, payment is automatic or you can manually enter the amount on the Telepass Pay App.

Discover all the Telepass Apps

With the Telepass, Telepass Pay and Telepass Pay X App, any destination becomes reachable.
Travel, drive, move around wherever and however you want.


How can we help you?

After you pay for the taxi service in the App, you may request an invoice directly from the taxi driver. Additionally, you can create an expense report with the Taxi service on the Telepass Pay App.

Please check here the cities where the Taxi service is active.