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Taxi Service


Book the nearest taxi and pay for your ride with our app. It's easy, intuitive, and quick!
Taxi Service

Book your taxi in seconds

The Taxi service lets you book a taxi and view your waiting time. Cash and cards are a thing of the past – use our app to pay automatically or enter the taxi fare.

Available with the Plus and Telepass Pay X plans.

The Taxis service – How it works

Open app
Find the nearest taxi by entering your address or using the location feature.
Wait for your taxi
Book your taxi and track its arrival in the app.
Pay for your ride
Pay automatically after your ride or enter the amount in the app.

Cities where the service is available


How can we help?

Please check here the cities where the Taxi service is active.

After you pay for the taxi service in the App, you may request an invoice directly from the taxi driver. Additionally, you can create an expense report with the Taxi service on the Telepass Pay App.

  • Access the Telepass Pay or Telepass Pay X App and select the Taxi service;
  • geolocate your position or alternatively, enter the address where you are manually;
  • enter the address where you would like to go. You can select the taxi company and view the estimated time of arrival;
  • confirm the request and wait for your taxi;
  • at the end of the ride, confirm or enter on the App the amount indicated by the meter and complete the payment;
  • view the transaction directly in your App.