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Entro il 31 luglio

Risparmia il 5% sui pedaggi con Telepass

Se ti abboni e attivi senza costi il servizio Memo, hai il 5% di cashback su tutti i pedaggi in autostrada fino al 30 settembre.
Fino all’11 settembre

Risparmia il 20% sulla polizza viaggi

Proteggi le tue vacanze con Telepass Plus o Telepass Pay X: hai il 20% di sconto sul prezzo finale dell’Assicurazione Viaggi.
Sali a bordo del domani

Sta arrivando Telepass Next

Il dispositivo Next è il tuo nuovo assistente auto che ti aiuta a parcheggiare in città, a fare il pieno e molto altro ancora.
Rc Auto

Sconto del 10% sui pedaggi autostradali

Se entro il 29 settembre acquisti o rinnovi polizza auto con almeno 2 garanzie, hai il 10% di cashback su tutti i pedeggi fino al 31 dicembre.

Telepass. Making travel easy.

Travel in an easy, quick, and sustainable manner.

Vinci con TPlus

Canone zero per 12 mesi e 5% di cashback sui pedaggi

Quest’estate scegli Telepass Plus e hai:

  • il 5% di cashback su tutti i pedaggi in autostrada fino al 30/9, se attivi senza costi Memo;
  • 12 mesi di canone azzerato;
  • in regalo il dispositivo Telepass Slim (del colore che vuoi fino a esaurimento scorte).
Telepass Family
Telepass Family

Viaggia in autostrada con il nuovo dispositivo Telepass Slim.

1,26€ al mese

Telepass. There’s more than you think.

We help make life and travel easier.

Always at your service!

Take a look at our points of sale and activate your plans both online and offline.

Icona Rete di Vendita Online

Select and activate your plan in just a few taps.

Icona Rete di Vendita Rivenditori Autorizzati
Telepass Point

Our plans are available just a stone’s throw away.

Icona Rete di Vendita T Store
Telepass Store

One-stop shop for all your mobility solutions in Milan and Turin.

Offerta Telepass Pay Per Use

Risparmia 10€ sui costi di attivazione

Quest’estate preparati per i tuoi viaggi con Pay Per Use: paghi solo quando usi il dispositivo e fino al 15 luglio l’attivazione è gratis!

Car Insurance

La tua nuova RC Auto

Acquista la tua polizza con Telepass Assicura o con le compagnie partner di Telepass Broker. Se entro il 29/09 acquisti o rinnovi polizza auto con almeno 2 garanzie, hai il 10% di cashback su tutti i pedaggi autostradali fino al 31 dicembre.

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Viaggia con la forza
della tua voce

Scopri l’assistente auto di Telepass e Generali. Hai già installato il dispositivo? Attiva qui i suoi servizi.

Logo Sport e Salute
Telepass is the official partner of Sport e Salute S.p.A

Telepass and Sport e Salute S.p.A announce their strategic partnership to foster digital transformation in the sports sector and promote shared values such as such as movement, health, well-being, and innovation.

It is a small device that you can simply place on the windshield of your car or on your motorcycle and that allows you to pay tolls passing through the dedicated Telepass gates and without the need to stop at the booth, and debits your bank/postal account or credit card.

Besides tolls, with Telepass you can also pay for parking, Area C Milan Congestion Charge, and Strait of Messina ferries: all at no additional cost.

As a Telepass Pay X customer you can have a virtual/physical prepaid card, active on the Mastercard circuit, linked to your BNL account that you can use to make your purchases in a safe, innovative way at all the retailers or websites that adhere to the Mastercard circuit in Italy and abroad.

Through the contactless technology, you will be able to make your purchases in all the stores displaying the symbol simply by approching the card to the POS and for amounts under 25 euros you won't need a PIN code.

For all online payments, in addition to the 16 digits displayed on the front of the card, you have to provide the 3 digits secuirty code CVC2 on the back of the card and the expiration date. This data is also available on the Telepass Pay X App. To make your transactions more secure, the security code is updated at each use. Also, you will be able to confirm all your purchases on all websites that participate to Mastercard ID Check using the Telepass Pay X APP in an easy and safe way.

You can withdraw cash anywhere. To manage the balance on your prepaid card there is a dedicated section on the Telepass Pay X App.

You can find your invoices directly in the Telepass App and in your Reserved Area.

Invoices are listed for the last 24 months. Should you need invoices older than 24 months, you may request them via form.

You can easily add a second license plate to your device from your Telepass App in the "Devices and Plates" section or from the Reserved Area in the "Plate Change" section.

If you do not have the App, download it here.

Please note that you can link a maximum of two plates to each Telepass device, but you cannot pair the same plate on two different devices!