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GO By Telepass

Hassle-free travel across Europe

Get GO by Telepass to cruise through toll booths in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia.
Telepass Base

Skip queues and save time!

Make the most of our services and skip queues at toll booths with our Telepass Base plan.

Telepass. Making travel easy.

Travel in an easy, quick, and sustainable manner.

GO By Telepass

GO by Telepass

Love travelling but hate neverending queues at toll booths? Get GO by Telepass to:

  • Travel worry-free in Italy, Spain, France, and Portugal with Motorways in Europe
  • Pay a monthly fee only when you use the device
  • Use our intuitive and user-friendly GO by Telepass app to monitor and manage your trips
Telepass Family

Telepass Base

Our Telepass Slim and Europe Device make sure your motorway journeys are a breeze in Italy and abroad.

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Car Insurance

Protect yourself and your loved ones

Take a look at our full range of Insurance plans to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. No more worrying about unexpected events, Telepass has you covered!

Telepass. There’s more than you think.

We help make life and travel easier.

You can easily add a second license plate to your device from your Telepass App in the "Devices and Plates" section or from the Reserved Area in the "Plate Change" section.

If you do not have the App, download it here.

Please note that you can link a maximum of two plates to each Telepass device, but you cannot pair the same plate on two different devices!

It is a small device that you can simply place on the windshield of your car or on your motorcycle and that allows you to pay tolls passing through the dedicated Telepass gates and without the need to stop at the booth, and debits your bank/postal account or credit card.

Besides tolls, with Telepass you can also pay for parking, Area C Milan Congestion Charge, and Strait of Messina ferries: all at no additional cost.

You can find your invoices directly in the Telepass App and in your Reserved Area.

Invoices are listed for the last 24 months. Should you need invoices older than 24 months, you may request them via form.

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