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Pay taxes, duties, and other fees to the Italian public administration directly in your app.

Pay public administration taxes and fees with just a tap

Have fines, university taxes, or medical visits to pay? You can now use your App to manage all your important expenses in a quick and easy manner. Just scan the QR code on your payment notice to pay all your public administration taxes and fees.

Available with the Plus and Telepass Pay X plans.

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What you can do with pagoPA

In addition to mobility solutions, your app also lets you manage transactions with the Italian public administration, state-owned enterprises, schools, universities, and local health services. Pay taxes, duties, utilities, membership fees, and more with just a tap!

Oltre gli Spostamenti


Going beyond mobility

For a small fee, you can manage important expenses quickly using pagoPA, without having to go to the bank or post office.

The pagoPA service – How it works

Open app
Activate the service and select pagoPA once you receive a payment notice from the Italian public administration.
Scan QR code
Scan the code with your phone or enter the IUV code (payment notification code).
Confirm amount
Make your payment and view the invoice in the “Movimenti” (Transactions) section in the app.


How can we help?

You will be charged commisions based on the amount you pay:

  • €0.50 for transactions less than €10
  • €1 for transactions between €10 and €50
  • €1.50 for transactions greater than €50

The commission amount is found in the payment notice summary and is displayed before you proceed to payment.

You can pay a maximum amount of €499.99 per payment notice (excluding commissions) with pagoPA.

  • Select the pagoPA service in the app.
  • Scan the QR code found in your payment notice or enter the code manually.
  • Make your payment.

Once you finish making your payment, you’ll find your payment invoice in the app. More details can be found in the “Where do I find my payment invoice in the app?” question.