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Telepass Apps

Download our apps for free and manage everything with just one click.

App Telepass

Telepass App

With the Telepass App you can manage all operations of your Telepass contract by few clicks:

  • Update license plates combined to your device and modify your profile information;
  • Verify last transactions, invoices and create your spending note;
  • Modify the IBAN code relateD to your contract;
  • Purchase insurcances offered by Telepass partners;
  • Activate the roadside assistance;
  • Activate the Memo Service to check the expiration dates of your vehicles' maintenance.

App Telepass Pay

Telepass Pay App

The Telepass Pay App allows you to make all payments related to your mobility in an easy and instant way, and benefit from special dedicated cashback:

  • Identify your location on the App and verify all available services;
  • Select the service you may be interested with among blue stripes, refuelling, taxi and others;
  • Start the service in a few steps;
  • Pay directly with the App without cash or cards;
  • The charge is directly showed on your Telepass account at the end of the month.

App Telepass Pay X

Telepass Pay X App

Only with Telepass Pay X you have a new unique App to manage your daily mobility, which includes all Telepass and Telepass Pay services.

Thanks to the Telepass Pay X App:

  • Join in a few minutes with the offers free for 2 years;
  • Pay all Telepass Pay mobility serivces in prepaid way;
  • Manage in autonomy all activities related to the Telepass World;
  • Keep your spending and credit left under control;
  • Top up your new BNL bank account.