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Telepass works every day to provide efficient technologies and reliable solutions, in order to elevate your freedom of movement and enhance the comfort of your travels. We believe in seamless and unhindered mobility. We always strive to be close to those who travel in order to cross every border together.

Group companies

Telepass is the company that, with a single solution, simplifies highway toll payments, parking in facilities, access to Area C - Milan Congestion Charge, and Strait of Messina ferry for companies and individuals.
Telepass Pay
It is the service that offers a safe and fast system for the payment of all services related to personal mobility. With Telepass Pay you eliminate the use of cash and travel hassle-free using only your smartphone.
Telepass Broker
It's the new entity that, through an innovative proprietary platform, offers mobility insurance with exclusive guarantees and services. The formulas, both instant and by subscription, have no duration requirements and all are charged to a Telepass account.
It's the services aggregator for Urban Mobility that allows you to find the best travel solution when you are in the city. A unique and convenient service to choose between car, scooter, ride and bike sharing, taxi, and public transport.
It's the main operator in the infomobility sector in Italy. Through the use of end-to-end technologies, InfoBlu provides information on practicability and mobility of over 10,000 km of roads, including the most important metropolitan areas.
It's the platform designed for the management of any company vehicle fleet. KMaster allows to monitor all vehicles, communicate with each driver, estimate transport costs, and coordinate assistance remotely by using a simple App.
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