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Telepass strives to offer efficient and reliable technologies and solutions
to help you move freely and comfortably.

We believe in seamless and hassle-free mobility. Our aim is to help travellers
overcome any obstacles they may face.

Our companies

Telepass is a one-stop solution that makes it easier for companies and individuals to pay motorway tolls, park in affiliated car parks, access Milan’s traffic restricted area (Area C), and take the Strait of Messina ferries.
Telepass Broker
Telepass Broker is a new entity that provides mobility insurance solutions through its innovative proprietary platform. Get exclusive insurance and service options instantly, or subscribe to a plan, without contract duration obligations and pay through direct debit from your Telepass account.
Telepass Assicura
Telepass Assicura is the Telepass group’s insurance company. It is a new, quick, and simple way to pick a car insurance, tailored to your requirements. You can buy your car insurance policy using the Telepass apps or on the website. You have the option to pay monthly or yearly.
Urbi is a service aggregator for urban mobility. It provides you with the best travel solutions within a city. This one-stop, easy-to-use service offers a number of mobility options for you to choose from: cars, scooters, taxis, and public transport.
Telepass Innova
KMaster is a platform designed to help companies manage their vehicle fleets. It lets you track all your vehicles, communicate with drivers, estimate transport costs, and coordinate remote assistance.
Wash Out
Wash Out is the leader in mobile car wash services in Italy. Using innovative tools and platforms, it offers companies and individuals on-demand car wash, sanitisation, and car care services. Wash Out also uses environmentally sustainable and waterless products to provide its services.