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Car Stamp Service

Car Tax

No more messy paperwork! Pay your Car Tax in just a few clicks with our app.
Car Stamp Service
Car Tax

Pay your vehicle tax from the app

Activate the Car Tax service in just a few taps and pay your vehicle tax in a quick and secure manner.
Track costs and pay your tax in seconds.

Available only with the Plus, Easy and Telepass Pay X plans.

The Car Tax service – How it works

Open app
Open your app and activate the Reminders service (free) to get alerts on car tax deadlines.
Select your vehicle
Select your vehicle and check the tax amount in your app.
Pay your vehicle tax
Pay from your app in seconds and view your invoice any time you want.
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Car Tax due?
Reminders has got your back!

The Reminders service notifies you on upcoming vehicle-related deadlines such as car tax, insurance, and vehicle inspections.

Activate the service for FREE in your app!


How can we help?

  • Access the App and click on "Pay the stamp";
  • check the stamp expiration for the number plates associated with your contract;
  • select the number plate and the type of vehicle for which you want to pay the stamp;
  • check the amount and pay your stamp directly in the App;
  • you can download the payment receipt from the transaction archive of your App or from the Reserved Area on the website.

You can find out about the expiration date of the stamp in three ways:

  • from the Memo function in App;
  • from notifications in the App;
  • when the "pay stamp" button shows on the main screen of your App.

You can pay the car stamp via App within one month from the day it expired.

For example, if your stamp expires in September 2021, you can pay from 1 to 31 October 2021.

You may also pay the stamp even if it has expired for over one month, with an increased amount according to law.