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Ritira Dispositivo

Get your Telepass device

How to collect your device or have it shipped.

1. Download the Telepass app

Download app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Activate plan

Once you’re registered, you’ll see a “Scegli il tuo dispositivo” option:
select the device type and “Punto di ritiro” if you’d like to collect the device, or “Spedizione” to get it shipped.

Ricezione Dispositivo

3. Pick how to get your device

If you’d like your device shipped to you, select or enter your address in the “Dove vuoi ricevere il nuovo dispositivo Telepass?” option: you’ll receive your device by post at no additional charge.

Attivazione Dispositivo

Your device is active!

You can now use all our Telepass services

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