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Refuel using the Telepass Pay App! Discover a new way to refuel hassle-free and without cash.

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Refuel in total relax!

Leave the stress of refueling behind once and for all. Telepass will take care of your refueling in an easy and convenient way!

Just pick one of the participating fuel stations and pay for the refuel with the Telepas device or with the Telepass Pay App, without leaving your car and with no need for credit cards or cash.

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How does the service work

Find on the App the nearest participating fuel station.

With the App: use the Telepass Pay App to pay for fuel.

With the device: select the 'Servito' mode and tell the operator that you will pay with your Telepass device.

Confirm and go

With the APP: after refueling you will receive on the Telepass Pay App a confirmation notification.

With the device: the gas station manager will use your Telepass device to make the payment. You will have to insert your PIN or the Finger Print on the App.

Now you are ready to continue your trip!

Discover all the Telepass Apps

With the Telepass, Telepass Pay and Telepass Pay X App, any destination becomes reachable.
Travel, drive, move around wherever and however you want.


How can we help you?

  • From the Telepass Pay or Telepass Pay X App select the Fuel Service by clicking on the "Refuel" tab;
  • Geolocate yourself and then select the distributor closest to you. Make sure to check the payment method, since you can pay to refuel in two ways: either with the Telepass Pay App or with the Telepass Device;
  • Simply refuel and at the end you will find the transaction recorded directly in your App.

You can use the Fuel Service by downloading the Telepass Pay App or the Telepass Pay X App.

If you are already a Telepass Family customer, activate Telepass Pay from here.

If you are a new customer, you can activate the Telepass and Telepass Pay services by clicking here.

You can use your Telepass Device to pay for refueling at service stations affiliated with Telepass Pay.

In this case, you simply need to tell the operator at the affiliated station that you wish to pay with your Telepass. The operator will complete the payment by placing a special POS near the windshield where the Telepass device is located and you will need to confirm the payment via your App.

You will always be able to find the record of the operation in the Transactions Archive of your App!