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Area C – Milan

Visit Milan’s city centre any time you want by activating Area C in your app.
Area C – Milan

Make the most of Milan's city centre
with Telepass Area C

Paying the congestion charge for Area C with Telepass is as easy as it gets!
The cameras located at different entry points to the city centre automatically recognise your number plate, even without the Telepass device on board. Pay only one entrance fee per day to enter and exit Milan’s city centre as many times as you please. Use the Telepass app to track all your Area C visits and pay every quarter.

New rules to access Milan’s Area C have been in place since 1 October 2022.
Visit for more details.

The Area C service – How it works

Activate the service
Activate Area C in the Telepass app or your user account by registering up to 2 number plates.
Enter and exit
Pay only one entrance fee to enter and exit Milan’s Area C as many times as you please in a day.
Open app
Track all your expenses on the Telepass app and pay every quarter.
Already a Telepass customer?
Activate Area C in your app

It takes seconds to get started with the app. Register your number plate and visit Milan’s city centre as and when you please.

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Travel, drive, and move freely.


How can we help?

You can activate the Area C service directly from your Telepass App or your Telepass Pay X App.

Alternatively, you can activate the service from the Reserved Area of the site in the "Services" section or by going to a Punto Blu (there, you will need to confirm the license plate on which you would like to activate the service).

The service does not have any additional cost.

The Telepass Area C service lets you pay Milan's congestion charges directly from your Telepass account, at no additional cost. If you've activated the service and don't have your device on board, the cameras at Area C entrance points will recognise your number plate and charge you Telepass account. If your number plate has changed or you've moved the number plate to another device within the same contract, you will have to reactivate the service for the new number plate.

Nota Compliance: il servizio è prestato in regime di esenzione ai sensi dell’Articolo 3, paragrafo 1, lett. k) della Dir. 25/11/2015, n. 2015/2366 relativa ai servizi di pagamento nel mercato interno.