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Telepass in Polonia

Telepass is now in Slovenia

Use the Telepass SAT device in 16 countries, now including Slovenian highways!
K1 Telepass Sat

The brand new K1 Telepass SAT is here

K1 Telepass SAT combines a satellite device with a driver app to help companies reach their logistics goals and objectives.
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Get the most out of our wide range of services and extended assistance network designer for hauliers driving vehicles over 3.5t.
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Telepass Truck

Pay tolls in 16 countries with the Telepass SAT device, for vehicles over 3.5t.

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KMaster Offer
360° management of your fleet
  • Telepass SAT device
  • Motorway tolls in 16 countries
  • Parking facilities in Italy, France, and Spain
  • Strait of Messina ferries
  • Geopositioning and fleet management services
  • Integration with tachograph and data download
  • Cost estimate (tolls and use) for thorough planning
  • Monitoring of hours driven and any traffic violations
Telepass Sat Offer
For paying tolls in Europe
  • Telepass SAT device
  • Motorway tolls in 16 countries
  • Parking facilities in Italy, France, and Spain
  • Strait of Messina ferries

Services included in all plans

Tolls in Europe

Motorway tolling service in 16 countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia.

Parking facilities

Automatically pay your fees with the Telepass SAT device in affiliated parking facilities in France, Spain and Italy. The fees are directly debited from your Telepass account, at no additional cost.

Strait of Messina ferries

Automatically pay the ferry ticket to cross the Strait of Messina, without going through the ticket office or leaving your vehicle.


Travel safe with Telepass

Our partners provide roadside assistance for vehicles over 3.5t across the entire European motorway network. For more information, please read the Premium Truck Guide.

Logo ACI Global Servizi

ACI Global Servizi S.p.A. is a multiservice company, specialised in providing services to motorists and hauliers, including assistance in compliance with effective regulations, in particular, with provisions mentioned in Article 346 of Legislative Decree no. 209 of 7 September 2005 (“Codice delle Assicurazione”). Corporation (S.p.A.) with headquarters at via Stanislao Cannizzaro 83/a, Rome, Fiscal code and VAT number - IVA 08242390014.

Logo Sara Assicurazioni

Sara Assicurazioni S.p.A. is an insurance company with headquarters at Via Po 20, 00198, Rome, Fiscal code and VAT number 00885091009, authorised to provide insurance services by DMICA 26.8.1925 (G.U. of 31.8.1925 no. 201). Registered in the Register of Insurance Groups no. 001, authorised to provide Assistance (Sector 18).

Mechanical assistance

Mechanical assistance throughout Europe in the event of a breakdown, fire or accident.*

*Mechanical assistance is provided up to the limit of €1,000 (including VAT) for a maximum of two services per membership year. No charge will apply, except for any spare parts and labor, which will be paid directly to the intervening provider. Costs related to any use of special vehicles are also included within the limit when they are essential for the recovery of the vehicle. In case of vehicles with trailers/semi-trailers, only the tractor unit is covered.
In the event of a breakdown or accident to the tractor, if the trailer/semitrailer is connected to the faulty or damaged tractor, the former is eligible for assistance and will be transported to the nearest parking area for safety, in any case within the single limit per accident of € 1,000 (including VAT).

Repair costs

Advance on expenses for vehicle repairs and other support services up to €5,000 (including VAT).**

**If possible, the rescue vehicle will fix the cause of the breakdown on the spot through minor repairs. If, on the other hand, it is not possible to work on the repair on the spot, the vehicle will be transported to the Service Network (Manufacturer's authorized or affiliated workshop) closest to the place where the vehicle broke down, for a maximum distance covered by the rescue vehicle of 100 km round trip (on highway networks, the distance is calculated starting at the first toll booth from the breakdown site). Customer is responsible for costs related to travelled distance exceeding the above-mentioned 100 km, to be paid directly to the intervening provider.
The cash advance is paid for: vehicle repair (Italy and Europe); legal fees following arrest or detention of the driver (abroad); bail following arrest or detention of the driver and euro sanction (Italy and Europe); vehicle release from seizure (abroad). For each of the above-mentioned services, an advance on related expenses up to €5,000 (including VAT) will be granted. To qualify for the advance, an adequate refund guarantee for the amount paid in advance must be provided.

Off-road recovery

If the Vehicle is stuck off-road, the Operations Centre will send a rescue vehicle, on Customer request, directly to the Vehicle to recover the Vehicle. Recovery costs will be at the expense of AGSE up to a maximum of 1,000.00 euros (including VAT) per Event. Should there be a need to use special vehicles, the operation can be carried out subject the availability of such vehicles in the area, and subject to the maximum limit mentioned above.

Spare parts delivery

Advance on the expenses related to the purchase and delivery of spare parts.***

***To qualify for the advance, an adequate refund guarantee for the expenses paid in advance must be provided.

Passenger transport

Transport of passengers following a rescue intervention, up to the facility from which the tow truck came or to the workshop of the Manufacturer's Service Network or affiliated company where the vehicle is transported.

Return, continuation or overnight at hotels

Return of passengers to their place of residence in Italy, continuation of the journey to the place of destination or overnight stay at a hotel located where the vehicle is transported.****

****Mutually exclusive services and with a limit of up to €100 (including VAT) per person and not exceeding a total of €400 (including VAT).

Replacement car

The Insurance Company will provide a rental vehicle without a driver for a maximum of 3 calendar days, subject to availability with the Service Provider Network, following Vehicle Towing, and if the Vehicle cannot be repaired at the place it stopped or is deemed unsafe for driving and requires over 8 hours of repair work.

It is understood that the Replacement Car is provided in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the rental companies that the Operations Centre/Insurance Company uses, specifically with regard to:

  • opening hours of the rental offices,
  • availability of the Vehicle category, in accordance with the provisions stated in the contract,
  • credentials and guarantee/security deposit forms. The security deposit must be made by the Customer with a valid credit card (no prepaid cards).

When oustide of Italy, the Replacement Car must be returned at the same rental office where it was collected.

The Customer is responsible for fuel costs and additional insurance (not required by law), tolls, penalties for theft and damage, and costs for any additional services, if applicable.

Complaints and contacts

ACI Global Servizi S.p.A. Via Stanislao Cannizzaro, 83/a – 00156 Rome, addressed to the Ufficio Rimborsi

All reimbursement requests concerning Roadside Assistance must be sent to ACI Global Servizi S.p.A. Via Stanislao Cannizzaro 83/A – 00156 Rome, addressed to the Ufficio Rimborsi – email: