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Discover all benefits and support services dedicated to drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tons.

Telepass expands in Bulgaria

Our commitment to expand the boundaries of the Telepass experience never stops: as of today Telepass SAT is also accepted on the entire Bulgarian motorway network.


Explore KMaster, the integrated service solution for vehicles over 3.5 tons

KMaster offers you the best solution to your needs.


You can pay highway tolls in Europe with a single device.

Mobility Service

Enjoy the convenience of Telepass mobility services for heavy vehicles.

Telematic Services

Your freedom of movement: push new boundaries with telematic services dedicated to heavy vehicles.

Discover the KMaster offer in detail

Business Pack

Business Package

The Business package includes all fleet management features, from the location of the entire fleet to route details for each vehicle, including mission management, communication to and from the driver, as well as estimates on toll and fuel costs.
Connected Pack

Connected Package

In addition to all the services in the Business package, the Connected offer includes other important functions thanks to the direct interconnection with the CAN bus and the tachograph. The Connected offer also allows you to download chrono tachograph data remotely.
Tailored Services

Optional services

The optional services allow you to combine the Connected offer with a wide range of additional services, such as safety of the vehicle and transported goods, monitoring of the cargo area temperature, positioning of trailer and semi-trailer, and on-board display.

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Explore all the services included with Telepass SAT, the solution for vehicles over 3.5 tons

The Telepass SAT device gives you the best solution for heavy vehicle travels in Europe.



With a single device, you can pay highway tolls in 14 different countries: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Poland (section of the A4 Krakow-Katowice), Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Switzerland and Bulgaria.


In France, Spain, and Italy, with your Telepass SAT device you can pay automatically for parking in affiliated facilities with a direct charge to your Telepass account at no additional cost.


Purchase your ticket for the Strait of Messina ferry service automatically using the dedicated Telepass tracks, without having to go through the ticket office or get off your vehicle.

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Premium Truck

Travel safely with Telepass

With the Premium Truck option, you are entitled to IMA's free mechanical assistance service for vehicles over 3.5 tons on every European road and highway networks.

Mechanical assistance throughout Europe in the event of a breakdown, fire or accident.*

*Mechanical assistance is provided up to the limit of €1,000 (including VAT) for a maximum of two services per membership year. No charge will apply, except for any spare parts and labor, which will be paid directly to the intervening provider. Costs related to any use of special vehicles are also included within the limit when they are essential for the recovery of the vehicle. In case of vehicles with trailers/semi-trailers, only the tractor unit is covered.
In the event of a breakdown or accident to the tractor, if the trailer/semitrailer is connected to the faulty or damaged tractor, the former is eligible for assistance and will be transported to the nearest parking area for safety, in any case within the single limit per accident of € 1,000 (including VAT).

Advance on expenses for vehicle repairs and other support services up to €5,000 (including VAT).**

**If possible, the rescue vehicle will fix the cause of the breakdown on the spot through minor repairs. If, on the other hand, it is not possible to work on the repair on the spot, the vehicle will be transported to the Service Network (Manufacturer's authorized or affiliated workshop) closest to the place where the vehicle broke down, for a maximum distance covered by the rescue vehicle of 100 km round trip (on highway networks, the distance is calculated starting at the first toll booth from the breakdown site). Customer is responsible for costs related to travelled distance exceeding the above-mentioned 100 km, to be paid directly to the intervening provider.
The cash advance is paid for: vehicle repair (Italy and Europe); legal fees following arrest or detention of the driver (abroad); bail following arrest or detention of the driver and euro sanction (Italy and Europe); vehicle release from seizure (abroad). For each of the above-mentioned services, an advance on related expenses up to €5,000 (including VAT) will be granted. To qualify for the advance, an adequate refund guarantee for the amount paid in advance must be provided.

Advance on the expenses related to the purchase and delivery of spare parts.***

***To qualify for the advance, an adequate refund guarantee for the expenses paid in advance must be provided.

Transport of passengers following a rescue intervention, up to the facility from which the tow truck came or to the workshop of the Manufacturer's Service Network or affiliated company where the vehicle is transported.

Return of passengers to their place of residence in Italy, continuation of the journey to the place of destination or overnight stay at a hotel located where the vehicle is transported.****

****Mutually exclusive services and with a limit of up to €100 (including VAT) per person and not exceeding a total of €400 (including VAT).

For more information, see the Premium Truck Guide

The following documents are also available:
Pre-contractual information document (DIP)
Additional pre-contractual information document (DIPA)

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