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“Turboricarica” is a quick way to credit an amount to your BNL account.

Charge your account instantly with the Telepass Pay X app. Select from a range of amounts with the maximum being €150. You can spend this amount for mobility services or other purchases.

The “Turboricarica” amount will be debited from your current account within a few days.

The Europe Service is a new service dedicated to light vehicles (cars, motorcycles) that allows you to pay highway tolls and parking in affiliated car parks in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal with a single device.

You can link one device only to the Family Contract with a monthly cost of 1.26 euros. Although you can request the Telepass Twin offer that allows you to obtain on the same contract a second device (with roadside assistance included for Italy only) with a monthly cost of 2.38 euros as per below:

  • monthly fee for the device at a cost of 0.60 euros (instead of 1.26);
  • monthly fee for the Premium option at a cost of 1.50 euros.

GO by Telepass has a €15 activation fee (including VAT) and a monthly €4 fee (including VAT) on device use, up to a maximum of €36 per year.

The monthly fee is only applied on device use, once per calendar month regardless of the number of times the device is used in the relevant countries.

You will not be charged the monthly fee for months in which you don’t use Telepass for any of the linked services.

Plus is the most comprehensive mobility plan we offer. Plus offers a range of smart and quick mobility solutions such as Taxis, Skipass, Sharing Mobility, On-street Parking, and more. For more information on services offered, see here.