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Motorbike Discount

Everything you need to know

As a prerequisite, you need to hold a Telepass Family contract that is used only for motorcycle trips and indicating only the motorcycle number plate. You can sign the appropriate application form by visiting a Punto Blu with the vehicle registration document.

Note: Based on information received from Aiscat, please note that the above rate adjustment is not applicable to the following companies: Escota (state border exit only), Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda S.p.A., Consorzio per le Autostrade Siciliane and Autostrade Meridionali S.p.A.

  • Keep only the motorcycle plate and sign a membership form at a Punto Blu location. You will only be able to use the Telepass device on the motorcycle;
  • Activate a new contract (you can do it directly online) with just the motorcycle plate and sign the registration form at a Punto Blu location.

Yes. However, please note that switching the plate from motorcycle to car will result in the automatic expiration of the incentive. To reactivate the motorcycle rate adjustment, you will need to sign a new application form at a Punto Blu location.

A (motorcycle) number plate can be changed as follows:

  • by going to any Punto Blu, showing a copy of the vehicle registration document;
  • by filling out the webform that can be found at this link and enclosing the vehicle registration document.

You may continue to use the Telepass device on your car as well, but you will not be able to enjoy the toll reduction for motorcycles.

Yes, you can as long as a vehicle registration document is shown. If the new number plate belongs to a motorcycle, you can continue to enjoy the toll reduction. If the new number plate belongs to a car, the discount will cease automatically.

Yes. The use on plates other than the one declared will cause the suspension of the right to the rate adjustment and the application of penalties, without prejudice to the right of the dealership to take any civil, administrative and / or criminal actions, where applicable.

Yes. At each highway entrance or exit, the number plate of your motorcycle will be photographed and the proper use of the device will be verified with respect to what is stated on the contract, in order to verify that those transits have in fact been made with the registered plate.

After sign-up, all transits made using the Telepass device linked to the motorcycle number plate will be subject to the reduction.