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Telepass Pay Per Use

Everything you need to know

Telepass Pay Per Use is available for natural persons who have an Italian current account. It will soon be available for people who have an IBAN from SEPA countries.

With the Telepass device you can easily pay for:

Also, wth the Telepass App you can request an estimate and pay the RC-Car Insurance and your mobility insurances. Discover more.

If you see this message and you can't proceed, it's possible that your number plate is being used on another device.

To finalize your signing up online we invite you to insert the number plate of a different vehicle, if you have one, or to fill in the form under the Support section and attach your vehicle registration document.

The Telepass Pay Per Use plan has a €10 activation fee - excluding ongoing offers - and a monthly €2.50 fee for months where the device is used (for services such as Motorways, Car Parks, Area C - Milan, and Strait of Messina Ferries).

The usage fee is charged only once in a calendar month regardless of the number of times you use the services. You will not be charged the monthly fee for months in which you don’t use Telepass for any of the linked services.

You’ll receive your Telepass invoice including the fees and use of the services in the month you use the services. If you use Telepass services at the end of the month, you will be invoiced the following month.

For the Telepass Pay Per Use plan, you can link one number plate to a device. You can change the number plate any time you want in the Telepass App.