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Europe Service

Everything you need to know

The Autostrada in Europa service allows you to quickly pay for tolls in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal and access Affiliated Parking Facilities in airports, stations, exhibition centers and cities. In this section you will discover how the Europe Device works, how to activate it and how much the service costs, how to use the device with a rental car and what is the amount of the quarterly spending limit.

You can join the Europe Service and receive a new device simply by going to the Punto Blu closest to you.

Family customers may also activate the service through the website.

You can link to the European Telepass a maximum of 2 number plates. Both the number plates will be valid for travelling in Italy, France and Spain. For travelling in Portugal you can select only one of the two number plates.

To update your number plates click here.

Find here a guide with details about this country.

See here the guide with details about this country.

See here the guide with details about this country.

See here the guide with details about this country.

The European Service is valid for cycles, motorcycles, and two-axle vehicles with a height of less than 3 meters and a weight of less than 3.5 t, with or without trailer.

You can find the Device User Manualhere.

The Europe Service is a new service dedicated to light vehicles (cars, motorcycles) that allows you to pay highway tolls and parking in affiliated car parks in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal with a single device.

At this time, it is not possible to link the number plate of your rental car to the Europe Telepass, as in Portugal this action constitutes a violation that may result in administrative penalties.

Yes. Foreign travel contributes to reaching the quarterly spending limit of € 258,23.

The Europe Service has an activation cost of €6 plus a monthly fee of € 2.40 for each foreign country crossed (Spain and Portugal are considered as a single country under this service).

The individual country fee applies only once per calendar month regardless of the number of transits made in the given country. During the months in which you do not use Telepass to pay foreign tolls, the fee will not apply.