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Car Insurance

Everything you need to know

Request a quote for your car insurance policy directly on the App and get the most advantageous offer from insurance partners: Verti, Zurich Connect, Quixa and Allianz Viva. Learn how to view the policy purchase on the Telepass App, which vehicles you can insure, how to cancel the liability insurance, who to contact in the event of an accident or incident, how billing works, what are the accessory warranties and who can request the liability insurance.

There are no additional costs. If you are a Telepass Family customer, your ceiling is zeroed after the policy is charged and you will be charged on a regular quarterly billing.

All Telepass Family and Business customers with a vehicle registered under the name of an individual can benefit of the Car Insurance service.

Through the Telepass App, you will be able to purchase a Car Insurance policy and the attached warranties for the number plates linked to your contract and related to cars, motorbikes and vans (under 35 q).

Keep in mind that the purchased policy will be issued in the name of the vehicle's owner.

You can view the policy purchase directly on the Telepass APP by selecting the movements list or accessing the Car Insurance section- Archive, where you can view and download the PDF document with all details.

Keep in mind that all documents are also sent to your email.

The payment is requested in advance for an annual coverage.

You can purchase the Car Insurance policy for cars, motorbikes and vans under 35 q that are listed on your contracs and are not registered under a company name but under an individual.

Keep in mind that the purchased policy is always issued under the name of the vehicle's owner.

You can purchase up to two Car Insurance policies in a month for each of your contracts.

In this case, the company will make the necessary refunds net of amounts due and required by the policy.

You will be able to cancel the policy within 14 days of purchase with no need to give a reason.

After the 14th day, the insurance cover will end according to the detailed contractual conditions listed on the policy.

You will be responsible for the corresponding sum of the total taxes indicated on the insurance contract (in addition to the contribution to the National Health System in case of Car Insurance warranty) and the insurance premium accrual corresponding to the time period you benefited from the policy.

For all information regarding the policy management, assistance or processing status of a claim you can reach the Telepass partner agency verifying the contacts listed directly on your policy.

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The policy charge is applied in the end of the reference month; if the purchase was made in the last days of the month, then the charge will be made in the following month.

The charge is independent from the expiration of your regular quarterly payments which won't undergo any variations due to the policy purchase.

Keep in mind that the policy charge will be debited together with all the Telepass expenses accrued up to that moment (tolls, parking, ferries, etc).

For the Business contracts, the policy charge follows the regular cycle of the monthly billing.

The wording "guaranteed amount" that you will find when creating the estimate refers to the maximum amount of time within which you can benefit of the discount offered by the Telepass insurance partner.

The Telepass cashback is always active if you make the purchase within the time of the promotion (until 12/31/2020).

Using your Telepass or Telepass Pay X App, you can easily calculate the estimate and proceed with the immediate purchase, by simply clicking on "Car Insurance" under the Insurances section.

Once you have purchased your policy, the Certificate and contractual documents will be sent to your email. You will also be able to view the same documents under the "Policies Archive" section on the App.

As required by law, once the estimate has been calculated, you can purchase the policy within 60 days.

You can always verify the Car Insurance estimate by accessing the Car Insurance section on the APP (Saved estimates archive). Keep in mind that the estimate can be saved 60 days prior to the policy expiration.

Access the Telepass App and select the Car Insurance section. If your vehicle (car, motorbike or van, under 35 q) number plate is already linked to your Telepass contract:

  • you will be able to select the number plate that you want to make an estimate for, select the driving style (skilled or free style);
  • check/enter the vehicle's owner date of birth and proceed with the estimate calcualtion.
Besides the Car Insurance, you will be able to add further attached warranties.

The Car Insurance estimate calculation is based on the best possible offer available thanks to the Telepass partnership with the insurance companies.

Once your estimate has been created, it will be sent to the email associated with your Telepass contract and it will be saved on the App under the specific 'estimates archive'.

The Car Insurance service offers to the Telepass Family and Business customers the possibility to purchase, through the Telepass App, Car Insurance policies and attached warranties issued in partnership with insurance companies.

In the specific, after approval of the insurance company, you can add to your policy the following attached warranties:

  • driver injury;
  • theft and fire;
  • legal protecton;
  • glass & windshield protection;
  • car windows;
  • Kasko collision;
  • claim protection;
  • bonus protection.