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Car Insurance

Get a quote from Telepass Assicura and protect your car quickly and easily.
Car Insurance

Car Insurance tailored to your needs

Telepass Assicura is Telepass Group’s insurance company that lets you buy a new car insurance policy online. It’s simple, quick, and designed just for you.

Monthly payments
Pay the policy premium in one payment at the end of the month or in 12 monthly instalments at no additional charge.
Roadside Assistance
Get 24/7 free Roadside Assistance for a year, wherever you go.

Our insurance is currently only available for cars registered to individuals and legal persons. Motorbikes, vans, and leased vehicles are excluded.

How it works

Vai Sul Portale
Go to portal
Check if your policy is about to expire on Telepass Assicura or in your app’sAssicurazioni” section.
Chiedi il preventivo
Request quote
Get a quote in just a few steps by selecting the covers you want.
Acquista la polizza
Buy policy
Pay your premium in one go or pay in 12 monthly instalments at no additional cost.

If you need to insure a new car or want to take advantage of the Bersani law for Family Car Insurance, contact us on
+39 840 502 505 from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

In case of an accident

Contact emergency services

Try to stay calm and contact the emergency care service if anyone is injured.

Contact law enforcement

If the accident has caused serious damage to people or property, contact the police so they can evaluate the incident.

Move your vehicle to safety

If your vehicle is extensively damaged and you’ve activated the service for your number plate, contact Telepass Roadside Assistance on +39 800 108 108.

Fill in the accident statement form (CAI)

Fill in the accident statement form (CAI); the form must be signed by you and the other driver involved in the accident. If you think you are not at fault (partially or fully), but aren’t able to reach an agreement on the accident and each party’s responsibility in the accident (single-signature CAI):

  • Check if there are accident witnesses, and collect their personal details and contact information.
  • Take photos of the accident site and vehicles involved.

Keep two copies of the filled in and signed CAI form.

File a claim as quickly as possible

File a claim within 3 days of the accident or when you hear of it. You can file a claim in the following ways:

You will then receive all the necessary instructions to manage and follow up on your case.


Call us on our Telepass Assicura numbers

Customer Service

+39 840 502 505

Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm,
Saturday 9 am to 1 pm*

Claims Department

+39 02 839 671 00

Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm

*You’ll only pay your network operator’s standard call charges
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Telepass Assicura S.r.l. is an insurance intermediary, registered with Section A (Agents) of the Italian Single Rehister of Intermediaries (RUI) - Registration number: A000663580 Tax Number and Registration no. in the Business and Trade Registry of Rome no. 15725221004 - REA - RM - 1609769 - Registered office at Via Laurentina, 449 - 00142 Rome. Local administrative unit at Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 45 - 20154 Milan Listof companies with which Telepass Assicura S.r.l. has a business relationship.

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Note - From 1 October 2022, Telepass Broker S.r.l.has discontinued its insurance distribution service for Motor insurance (cars, trucks, motorbikes, and mopeds). For concluded contracts, you’ll find policies and documentation related to the product and insurance distribution services in the app. If a quote has been saved before the aforementioned date, you can purchase the product in the app within 60 days of saving the quote. See the info section in the app for more details.


How can we help?

Once you have purchased the insurance policy, you will need to send us the signed agreement. You can digitally sign it by clicking on the link provided at the end of the purchase process on the website and on the App, as well as in the confirmation email.

All Telepass Family and Business customers with a vehicle registered under a physical person can take advantage of the Auto Insurance service.

Through the Telepass App or the Reserved Area of the site, you can purchase an Auto Insurance policy and accessory warranties for the number plates linked to your Telepass contract.

Please note that the purchased policy will be issued under the name of the vehicle owner.

You can do it directly from the Telepass App or from the Reserved Area of the site.

Select the license plate for which you want to calculate the quote, enter the age of the youngest driver and confirm the date of birth of the vehicle owner. In addition to the Liability Insurance, you can always add other accessory warranties.

Once calculated, the quote will be sent to you by email, and you can always find it on your App or in the Reserved Area of the site in the "Quote Archive" section.

Our Customer Service is available for any request or assistance.