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There is a new way to move around in the city and it's easy, fast and green.

Agile, eco-friendly and fun!

The electric scooter is a revolution in urban mobility since it's ideal to skip traffic, save time and improve the city air quality.

With the Telepass App you can find and book fast the scooter closest to you, you can use it for your medium-short movements in the city and you can park it wherever you like within the service coverage area.

The scooter service is offered in partnership with Helbiz, VOI and Reby.

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The e-scooters service – How it works

Find the scooter closest to you using the Telepass Pay App. You can use the geolocation function or type your address on the App
Unlock it
Find the scooter following the route shown on the map on the App and scan the QR code located on the front of the scooter
Now you can ride and go around town in an enviromentally friendly way. At the end of your ride park it wherever you like and end your rental using the App.
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Creating a sustainable future

We’re committed to fostering a newer, greener, and more conscious way to travel.

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How can we help you?

You can use the Scooter Service by downloading the Telepass App or the Telepass Pay X App.

If you are already a Telepass Family customer, activate Telepass Pay from here.

If you are a new customer, you can activate the Telepass and Telepass Pay services by clicking here.

Please check here the cities where the Scooter service is active through Telepass.