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Telepass Group data as of 31 December 2021

+221 milioni di euro
Amount Telepass has reallocated internally and to its stakeholders
+51 milioni di euro
Amount Telepass has invested in technology and intellectual capital
-56% emissioni di CO2
Decrease in CO2 emissions produced by Telepass compared to 2019
+26 mln di liti di acqua
+40% nuove assunzioni
New employees who joined Telepass in 2020, of which 39 are women and 43 are men

Each of us has a part to play

Telepass is committed to helping travellers overcome any obstacles they may face.
Sustainability and digital technologies are an integral part of our strategy roadmap. We believe in seamless and hassle-free mobility.

Governance Sustainability

Connecting with and listening to Stakeholders

Enterprise Risk Management

Sostenibilità Guarda al futuro

Investing in the environment for a better future

Sustainability is now a key innovation driver for future facing companies.

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Icona Sostenibilità

Although the sustainability concept isn't new, it's taken on a central role in innovation processes today and offers outstanding opportunities.

Telepass plays a key role in the
mobility sector

Green Deal
Green Deal
Transport emissions represent 25% of the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions. As these emissions are on the rise, the 2020 European Green Deal especially encourages a transition to sustainable and smart mobility.
Ambiente e benessere
Environment and Well-being
Governments, the European Union, and the United Nations now consider health, well-being, and the environment important social issues.
Smart Mobility
Smart Mobility
The Smart Mobility sector, one of the fastest growing sectors today, is quickly moving towards business models that combine sustainability and technological innovations.

Facts & figures 2019

Telepass and A4 Holding: 3.350t less CO2 produced, or equal to 35,000 trips from Rome to Milan

The Ca' Foscari University of Venice commissioned a study that quantified the decrease in pollutant emissions thanks to the presence of Telepass booths...