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Scooter Sharing Service

Moped Share

Pick the sustainable way to travel in your city. Rent e-mopeds with your app to make your commute greener.
Scooter Sharing Service
Moped Share

Your e-moped in the city

Use your app to rent e-mopeds to move around quickly and sustainably.
Book and pay for your ride in just a few taps!

Available with the Plus and Telepass Pay X plans, in partnership with BIT.

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E-mopeds come with disposable products to use for your trips to ensure good hygiene standards and safety.

The Moped Share service – How it works

Open app
Use the map feature in your app to book the nearest e-moped.
Unlock moped
Go to your moped and tap “Apri”: the top box always has 2 disposable caps and 2 helmets.
Park your vehicle
Ride through the city and stop rental in the app by parking anywhere you please.

Cities where the service is available

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Creating a sustainable future

We’re committed to fostering a newer, greener, and more conscious way to travel.


How can we help?

The rate plan provided by the merchant charges €0,32 for each minute of use.

You can use the Scooter Sharing Service by downloading the Telepass Pay App or the Telepass Pay X App.

If you are already a Telepass Family customer, activate Telepass Pay from here.

If you are a new customer, you can activate the Telepass and Telepass Pay services by clicking here.

  • Log into the App and select the Shared Mobility service
  • Search on the map for the scooter closest to you and with a simple click book it to allow yourself time to reach it
  • Once you reach it, click "Open" on the App to turn on the electric system of the scooter and open the top case, where you will find two helmets and two hygienic caps
  • Put on your helmet and start riding around town
  • End the rental using the App, simply by clicking on "End"
  • The App also allows you to "stop", giving you the opportunity to keep the scooter "busy" during your daily activities. Note, however, that if you turn on the "Stop" mode, the rate per minute is the same as the rental rate
  • The App will provide you with a summary of the trip you just completed