Telepass Pay X

Check your mobility and expenses using one App.
Telepass Pay X

The solution to move everywhere managing all the expenses!

Advantages Motorway
With the Telepass device, You pay the toll in a beep!
Advantages Mobility
Your mobility services anywhere.
Advantages Shopping
With your BNL prepaid card, you shop safely.
Advantages App
Car Tax Service

€50 for free if you activate the offer

Activate the Telepass Pay X package by March 8, 2021 and earn € 50 cashback right away to spend on Car stamp, Fuel and Trains services.
An incredible opportunity for you to go get around and travel saving money!

Free membership for 2 years

If you are already a customer and you activate Telepass Pay X you have discounts up to 50% on 2020 tolls and a card to pay for all your travels. No fee for 2 years!

The offer in detail

With Telepass Pay X you can enjoy a full mobility experience because you can manage all your services within one App. And with the prepaid card included in the offer you can always have control over your expenses.

Pay the toll without stopping at the toll booth.

Travel worry-free

The Telepass offer includes the toll payment which is the most popular and most used service.

Using the practical device you can enter and exit toll booths without queuing, with no need of credit cards or cash. Just pick the yellow lanes dedicated to the Telepass customers and wait to hear the 'beep' of your device.

On your reserved area on the website or on the App, you will be able to see the data relative to your transits within 24 hours. The payments will be debited to your account quarterly.

The Telepass service is active on the entire motorway network to be by your side everywhere worry-free.

Taxi, train, bike sharing. All mobility services in one App.

Go anywhere with one click

The Telepass Pay X offer includes all the solutions for your mobility in and out of the city, as the shared mobility means but also Taxi and Trains.

And you can use all the travelling services in the most convenient way, as Fuel and Street Parking.

With Telepass Pay X you won't need any other App since all of these services are within one unique App.

Discover all the Services.

Sign up now to Telepass Pay X and you will enjoy:

  • all the Telepass services to move worry-free, with quarterly debit to your checking account;
  • all the Telepass Pay services for your daily mobility linked to a prepaid card and a BNL account.

This way:

  • you can decide independently your spending budget;
  • anytime you need you can find the active service nearest to you;
  • you can pay for the services in 'one tap'.

With the new card, you can pay for your travels and track your expenses.

A card for your expenses

Enjoy your shopping in total safety and relaxation. By signig up to the offer you will receive a Telepass Pay X prepaid card issued by BNL that you can manage and recharge directly from the App.

Anytime you need, you can instantly credit on your new card up to 150 euros and use the services right away. This way you can always have control over the expenses and shop hassle-free.

The card will be available both in a digital version that you can use to shop online and to pay with your smartphone at the store, and in a physical version.

The account and prepaid card don't present any additional costs nor closing costs or penalties, not even after 2 years from the offer activation.

Do you already have a BNL bank account? Click below.


Signing up to Telepass Pay X is fast and easy

Learn how to by watching our tutorial and download the App on your smartphone. You will have all the Telepass Pay mobility services "one tap away" and up to 2 years of Telepass membership free of charge.

Download the new Telepass Pay X App

Manage all your mobility services easily using your Telepass Pay X App.


How can we help you?

If you are already a BNL customer and a BNL account holder, when you join Telepass Pay X you can choose whether to:

  • indicate your BNL account number and link it to the Telepass Pay X services;
  • indicate your account number at another bank and link it to the Telepass Pay X services. In this case, a new BNL payment account will be opened.

Only in the latter case will you be able to activate the Turboricarica feature, the instant recharge option available in the App.

As a Telepass Pay X customer you can have a virtual/physical prepaid card, active on the Mastercard circuit, linked to your BNL account that you can use to make your purchases in a safe, innovative way at all the retailers or websites that adhere to the Mastercard circuit in Italy and abroad.

Through the contactless technology, you will be able to make your purchases in all the stores displaying the symbol simply by approching the card to the POS and for amounts under 25 euros you won't need a PIN code.

For all online payments, in addition to the 16 digits displayed on the front of the card, you have to provide the 3 digits secuirty code CVC2 on the back of the card and the expiration date. This data is also available on the Telepass Pay X App. To make your transactions more secure, the security code is updated at each use. Also, you will be able to confirm all your purchases on all websites that participate to Mastercard ID Check using the Telepass Pay X APP in an easy and safe way.

You can withdraw cash anywhere. To manage the balance on your prepaid card there is a dedicated section on the Telepass Pay X App.

Turbocard is a fast charging mode that allows you to have immediate availability on your BNL account payment.

With Turbocarica you will be able to recharge instantly your account in a few taps on the Telepass Pay X APP. You can select among different recharge amounts up to 150 euros that you can spend on mobility services or other purchases.

The amount credited with Turbocarica will be debited to your account within a few days.

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