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Turning complex situations into simple solutions.

Step into the future with Telepass

Did you say you wanted your in-car voice assistant to directly connect to your Telepass app? Your wish is our command! Just say the word and you’ll be able to refuel your car, book a car wash, and pay for on-street parking.

Our ambitious project starts with your shortest daily trips

Our goal since the beginning of Telepass hasn’t changed. We are committed to building the future of mobility. We’re always looking for ways to simplify mobility in your daily life. We constantly work towards expanding the innovative services we offer, and invest in cutting-edge start-ups.

One of our current big projects is Next. Big data and IOT have revolutionised the way we see cars. Cars are at the heart of innovation projects today, both generating and using an increasing amount of data. Data is now making is possible to transform cars into interactive and connected cars. Their sensors are now capable of sending information instantly and tags can track their every move. We’ve therefore decided to enhance our services by creating a connected ecosystem that is able to predict and assist you in your daily life.

We’re creating a world where cars remind you to pay for your on-street parking or to book your car wash, renew your insurance, pay your car tax, and direct you to the nearest petrol station when you’re running low on fuel.

In partnership with Arval, Telepass Next is set to make integrated mobility a reality.
We will soon launch a long-term rental service with some of Next’s integrated services.

This is just the beginning. This ambitious project will revolutionise how cars and drivers interact with each other.

Nuovo Dispositivo Telepass Slim

Technological innovation:

new and improved Telepass device

The new Telepass device boasts a sleek design. It is equipped with a GPS for geolocation services and comes with new features linked to the Telepass app.

Innovation Next


New connected ecosystem

All Telepass services are increasingly integrated with vehicles.