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We invest in the most promising start-ups!

We believe in innovation and promote the development and circulation of smart mobility in order to create an advanced ecosystem of mobility services.

We welcome the most innovative ideas, based on IoT technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Customer Engagement, and aim to be leaders of a new generation of mobility! We are committed to enriching the Telepass Pay platform with technology solutions that make travel swifter and customers' everyday life smarter.

Start-ups have allowed us to learn a new way of working and to gain consistently original perspectives from which to look at the world of mobility and the potential it offers.

Every day, we invest in the future of mobility through an open innovation strategy and collaborations with innovative businesses such as Urbi, WashOut, Helbiz and Wise Emotions. Only the development of an integrated ecosystem can lead to true smart mobility.

Launched in 2019, Call4ideas by Telepass Pay Ecosystem is just the first of the many projects in support of start-ups and innovation that we intend to promote.

Urbi is the service aggregator for Urban Mobility that allows you to find the best travel solution when you are in town. A single, convenient platform to help you choose between car, scooter, ride and bike sharing, taxi and public transport.
Wise Emotions S.r.L.
Founded by four IT students with a dream of a strictly mobile-oriented digital company, today Wise Emotions employs over thirty people who develop Apps still with the same passion for curiosity, experimentation, and modernization.
Helbiz Italia S.r.L.
Thanks to the partnership with Helbiz, a company of rental scooters and electric bikes, in the largest Italian cities you can book and pay for your ride through our Apps.
Wash Out
In 2019 we participated in the financing of the start-up Wash Out, which offers an environmentally friendly home washing service for cars and motorcycles via App, now part of the Telepass Pay platform.


We are committed to creating a new level of mobility by making sustainability part of people's everyday lives.

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