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We believe in innovation, and foster the development and expansion of smart mobility to create an advanced ecosystem of mobility services.

We’re always looking for innovative ideas based on IOT, AI, and customer engagement. We aim to pave the way for a new generation of mobility! We’re continually improving our Telepass platform with technological solutions to offer quicker and smarter travel options for your daily life.

Start-ups have helped us learn new ways of working. We’ve been able to look at the world of mobility and its potential from different perspectives.

We’re always investing in the future of mobility through an open innovation strategy. We also partner with innovative businesses such as Urbi, WashOut, Helbiz, and Wise Emotions.

We believe creating an integrated ecosystem is the only way to achieve true smart mobility.

Telepass Pay Ecosystem launched Call4ideas in 2019, the first of many projects in support of start-ups and innovation.

Wise Emotions
Wash Out

La call4ideas di Telepass Ecosystem lanciata nel 2019
è solo il primo dei tanti progetti a sostegno delle start up e dell’innovazione che intendiamo promuovere.