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Bike Sharing

Everything you need to know

You can use Helbiz electric bikes in all the cities where the service is available, find in this section information on costs and areas where rental is available. Here you can also find out how to activate the Bike Sharing service and who to contact in case of need.

The Bike Sharing service is managed by Helbiz. If you have issues with a bicycle, please contact RideMovi customer service at

  • Access the App;
  • select a bike on the map, click on the "start ride" button and unlock the bike by scanning the QR code you find on the rear fender or by manually entering the code you see under the QR code;
  • ride wherever you want within the area of coverage;
  • end the rental directly from your App by clicking on "End" and take a picture of where you left your bike;
  • you will find the transaction with the related charge directly in your App.

You can end your ride only within the service area of coverage. Remember that bicycles cannot be parked in areas that may obstruct traffic, pedestrians, and on private properties.

You can check the service area of coverage directly from the App, or by sending an email to Helbiz customer service at: or

See here the cities where the Bike Sharing service is active.

The tariff plan is owned by Helbiz and requires €0,25 to unlock the bike and €0,10 for each minute of use.

You can use the Bike Sharing Service by downloading the Telepass App or the Telepass Pay X App.

If you are already a Telepass Family customer, activate Telepass from here.

If you are a new customer, you can activate the Telepass and Telepass services by clicking here.