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Street Parking

Everything you need to know

With Street Parking you can pay and check parking in cities where the service is active using the Telepass Pay and Telepass Pay X App. Parking officers verify payment in the designated areas from the car plate or from the displayed coupon you can download in this section and which indicates the use of Telepass Pay, Telepass Pay X or Telepass Street Parking. Find out how to end or extend your parking whenever you like.

You can use the Street Parking Service by downloading the Telepass Pay App or the Telepass Pay X App.

If you are already a Telepass Family customer, activate Telepass Pay from here.

If you are a new customer, you can activate the Telepass and Telepass Pay services by clicking here.

  • Select the Street Parking service on the App;
  • use the geolocation to find your postion, or select the area using the area code from the vertical signage or insert the address manually;
  • select or insert the parked number plate;
  • type in the duration of your stop;
  • 10 minutes before the duration of your stop expires, an alert will consent you to either prolongue or end your stop and to pay only for the actual time used;
  • the amount of the stop will be directly debited to the payment account.

Since the App contains all the time and cost information shown on the road signs, even if you started parking at 07:30, the cost will be calculated only from actual time of validity, thus in the specific case from 08:00.

The cost and times of parking are defined by each municipality and the related information is shown on the road signs in the street parking area.

The App allow you to always preview the cost before you initiate parking. On the other hand, in the Reserved Area of the site you can review all your activity.

Parking assistants are equipped with a handheld device on which they digit the parked number plate and verify the payment in real time. In some municipalities (indicated by an alert on the App), you are required to display the Telepass coupon on the windshield.

Check here the cities where the Street Parking service is active.

Make sure to always display the Telepass coupon on the windshield of your car. Failure to display it in those Municipalities that require it could result in a penalty.

Download the coupon here.