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Everything you need to know

You can see all car parks of airports, stations and exhibition centers affiliated with Telepass directly on the Telepass App or on the website. With the device you can enter and exit parking facilities using the reserved lane and without buying a ticket. Here you can find all the information on what to do if the device does not work and how to view charges on the App.

You can view the amount charged for parking at the time you exit the parking lot, on the display positioned on the column.

In any case, the list of stops made and the related charges are always available in your Telepass App or in the Reserved Area of the site, in the "Transactions and Invoices" section.

Should the Telepass device not work at the exit, you will need to go to the car park's infopoint offices and pay the amount due there, asking the employee to cancel the incoming transit done with Telepass.

You can view the Telepass participating parking garages right on your Telepass App or on the site.

You can conveniently pay for your stop in one of the participating parking garages using directly the Telepass device.

Entering or exiting the participating parking garages of airports, stations and fairs, look for the parking meters with the Telepass logo, the parking bar will automatically lift and you will be able to leave without stopping at the cash desk.

If you disactivate the Parking service on the website Reserved Area, you won't be able to pay for your stop in the participating parking garages through the Telepass device. Moreover, also the Ferries service will be disactivated.

No, the service does not have any additional costs.