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The icons display the charging point’s status:

  • green icon: the charging point is free and you can charge your vehicle,
  • red icon: the charging point is in use or out of order,
  • blue icon: the charging point where you’re charging your vehicle,
  • yellow icon: the charging point is being installed and is not yet active.

To stop charging your vehicle before it is fully charged, tap “Termina ricarica” in your app. Once the charging session has stopped, remove the cable first from the charging station and then from your vehicle. Always stop the charging session in the app before you remove the charging cable.

Make sure you have your charging cable.
Once you’re at the charging station, pick a charging point from the app by tapping “Scegli connettore”.
The charging point is activated and you have 2 minutes to connect your cable first to your vehicle and then to the charging point.