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You’ll never need to go to the Car Wash again: with Telepass Pay App, you can book a car wash and we will take care of washing your car or motorcycle
with special waterless products, even while you are on the road.

The wash provides external body cleaning, all glass windows and windshields, tire rims and the application of black on tires.

This service is currently available in the cities of Milan, Rome, Turin and Florence, but will be expanding to all other cities in Italy soon. Check if this service is available in your area directly on the App.

How it works


Open the Telepass Pay app, geolocate yourself and check if the service is available.


Select the time slot in which you prefer the service to be performed.


Take care of your business and ... voila! Take off with a sparkling clean car.

Do you like the Car Wash service?

You can use it by choosing the Telepass Pay offer (which is FREE for the first 2 years).

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