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Getting people involved: how to cultivate brand purpose

17 February 2022

Engage employees in defining their objectives and create a sense of belonging at the workplace. This may seem as a given but it really isn’t, and even less so for a company that’s undergoing significant changes.

Telepass knows this all too well: we’ve evolved from just a company-that-lets-you-skip-queues-at-toll-booths to one of the top players in sustainable mobility in Italy.

The process starts at the bottom

Telepass’ Director of External Relations Marco Micheli talks about this and more in the fifth episode of “È già lunedì” (It’s already Monday), a podcast in Italian that discusses best practices at the workplace.. Marco explains in the episode how Telepass has already been in the process of defining a new shared scope. In marketing terms we can call it purpose, but generally speaking it is the “why” that drives a company and its values.

“In the last few months we’ve worked on the purpose that drives Telepass, starting from the bottom-up and involving every single person here”, said Marco. “It’s essential that people recognise why they’re at Telepass.”

This ultimate goal isn’t something random: it is the driving force that brings about change within a company. Change was precisely what the episode was about. More specifically, how a company can reinvent itself – not so much by just changing its structure or processes – by creating shared values, which cannot be imposed, but which also difficult for everyone to agree upon.

The new brand purpose of Telepass

Telepass has carried out polls and discussions at the workplace for several months to find a shared viewpoint. And we finally got there: saving time and making life easy for its users. According to the people at Telepass, the company makes life easy by helping you save time while on the move – an important factor for a company whose strong suit is mobility.

Telepass also plays an important role in its people’s lives: the willingness to share a project and communicate about it. Marco also stated during the interview, “To implement innovation, one needs the top management to have a vision, be open to new ideas, and be able to really listen to the requirements of their people.”

You can see our brand purpose here.

Openness, active listening, communication

Communication plays an important role in this process: “Consistency is essential while implementing a change: both external and internal communication must be aligned so that our message is integrated within the company”, said Marco. “Wait, there’s more. We need to actively involve people and get them to participate in the process. We need to create enthusiasm to accompany change, as real change doesn't happen top-down. It requires active collaboration and trust from everyone in the company.”, he continued.

And we’re back to openness and communication. Changes can be unnerving as they break routines and induce fear. The only way to accept and live through them is to be part of the experience, full of curiosity and without fear. At the end of the episode, Marco had some advice that comes straight from Telepass’ philosophy: “Stay curious, and open to new ideas and changes. Don’t close yourself off to the world, and believe that travel is just around the corner.”