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Free Up Time
and Make Life Simpler for
People on the Move

Our brand purpose

A company’s purpose is the goal with which it is established within the context of our society, environment, and the world.

A purpose doesn't define specific goals or strategies – it is the guiding star that steers us in the right direction. Our purpose involves freedom and making people’s lives simpler.

It is the result of discussions and deliberations with our people and external stakeholders, and is based on the following key principles:

Simplification as innovation
Free circulation in a world without obstacles
Opportunity to reclaim time spent travelling
Sustainability as a structural element
Il Nostro Purpose Innovazione


We don’t invest in research just to keep up with the latest developments, nor are we interested in technology as a mere tool that brings change.

Making people’s lives simpler has always been – and will always be – what we strive for in all our ideas, services, and improvements.

Il Nostro Purpose Senza Barriere

No obstacles

We provide solutions for the part of mobility that, although necessary, restricts people’s seamless movement – stopping at toll booths, waiting in queues, searching for parking meters, using multiple vehicle sharing apps, and entering credit card numbers.

Il Nostro Purpose Libera Tempo

Free up time

Time is a significant resource, and every mobility-related activity takes up a part of it.

We at Telepass don’t just help save time, we help free up time by giving those on the move the chance to make free and conscious use of their time.


We’ve made active and genuine contributions to sustainable mobility from the get-go – from reducing CO2 emissions by preventing stops and queues at toll booths to offering shared mobility services.

Sustainability is now an integral and structural part of our scope and who we are.