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Public transport tickets just a tap away

15 January 2022

Tobacco shops closed and can't find a way to buy public transport tickets? Public transport tickets in Rome and Milan are now at your fingertips. All you need is your smartphone and the right app!

Imagine, if you will: It’s a beautiful, sunny day. At least that’s what the weather forecast says. It’s half past six in the morning and still dark out. You’re already on your way to work as your office is all the way across town. You’re excited about this sunny day, but something doesn't feel right. It’s the first day of the month and you’ve forgotten to top up your transport card. What’s more, all the tobacco shops are closed at this hour.

You don’t want to risk buying a ticket on the bus – what if there’s no ticket machine? – so you start walking around town, hoping to find an early-bird tobacconist. The three bags you’re carrying – your work, computer, and lunch bag – are starting to weigh you down this smog-filled morning. It’s six in the morning and you’ve already learned your lesson for the day: always be prepared.

Buy public transport tickets using our app

If you’d had the right app on your phone, you wouldn't have had to run a whole marathon at the crack of dawn. All it would have taken was a tap – and voilà! – and your ticket would have materialised at your fingertips in the form of a QR code.

The app we’re talking about here is Telepass Pay. This app also lets you rent out e-scooters and e-bikes, book a mobile car wash service, get a ski pass for your skiing holiday, buy train and ferry tickets, and more.

Getting the Telepass Pay app is like getting yourself a personal assistant. With the TPlus pack, you can even take the bus with your e-ticket without missing a beat (no more worrying about hefty fines!).

Public transport in Rome: How to buy a ticket

Get around Rome with an e-ticket right at your fingertips; no card or cash required! With the Telepass app, you can buy single-trip tickets, one-, two-, or three-day passes, or even the monthly pass. Pay using your Telepass account and receive your QR code to get across town with your smartphone.

Public transport in Milan: How to buy a ticket

With the Telepass app, you can buy tickets to get around Milan and the province of Monza and Brianza.

For your annual ATM (Milan’s public transport company) pass, select the zones you wish to buy a pass for. The ATM card is then delivered to your doorstep. It will be valid from the first of the following month if you made the request before the 10th of the previous month. Otherwise, it will be valid from two months later. For instance, if you buy the pass before 10 August, your card will be active from 1 September. If you buy the pass any time between 11 and 31 August, it will be active from 1 October. In both cases, the monthly fare is charged directly to your account.

To sum it all up: buying a public transport ticket or pass using the app will make your life a lot easier.

We all know it’s impossible to fully relax on public transport, but at least now you have one less thing to worry about and can actually focus on that album you’ve been wanting to listen to or that great book you’ve been meaning to read.

Or if you’d rather opt for, say, scooter-sharing, then Telepass Pay has you covered! All it takes, you know it, is a tap.