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#Tvadipartire in elettrico?

24 August 2020

In partnership with Telepass Group, here comes the Girls Energica Tour, the first all-female journey around Italy on zero-emission motorcycles. Starting Monday 31 August, two motorcyclists will cross Italy from north to south on a 1000 km tour in the name of sustainable mobility and environmental protection.

1,000 kilometers in four days, from Florence to Ostuni, to show that electric two-wheelers cannot, and should not, be confined to city travel. From 31 August to 3 September 2020, two of the best known and most followed influencers in the motorcycle arena will be involved in the Girls Energica Tour, a real first, an all-Italian and zero-emission journey.

The project, in partnership with Telepass Group and sponsored by Legambiente and Save the Planet, aims to design the electric path in Italy, thanks also to Enegan's support, and to turn the spotlight on a variety of initiatives that have protection of the environment, eco-sustainability, and land preservation through near-future technologies as common denominators.

The main characters in this initiative are Lorena Bega (Elleb_02) and Valentina Bruno (TraVale_) two motorcyclists who are very popular in the automotive and bike touring sectors.

Telepass Group, with its offer of green, safe & clean services, is the ideal partner for this new vision of travel: The company has always been committed to promoting the idea that a more sustainable mobility with lower CO2 emissions is possible even in our country.

Telepass Group firmly believes in this initiative as part of its own #Tvadipartire project, an editorial space for advice and ideas on how to rediscover the most beautiful and hidden corners of Italy from north to south, using the intermobility services that the company offers, and thus easing the travel experience by making it smarter and more comfortable.

The tour will end on Thursday, 3 September 2020 at 18.30, with a reception event in Ostuni at the GAL Alto Salento 2020 headquarters, where the motorcyclists, fresh from their journey, will share impressions and emotions out of this experience. The same event will see the release of the data certified by Save The Planet and related to the CO2 savings thanks to electric mobility during this tour.

Each day, Telepass social channels as well as those of the two main travelers will share stories from the Girls Energica Tour stages as well as details on the green projects and Telepass and Telepass Pay services discovered along the journey. Most importantly, they will show their followers all the beauty of the Italian landscape.

Follow the tour on the website Tvadipartire.