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Toll exemptions due to the COVID-19 emergency

3 April 2020

Autostrade per l'Italia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and in coordination with Aiscat, has ordered a toll fee waiver for all health workers who need to travel - even between home and workplace - for service reasons related to the COVID-19 emergency. The waiver is valid on the entire network managed by Autostrade per l'Italia and is in effect from today until the end of the emergency.

Telepass customers interested in requesting this exemption need to send a self-certification form to this e-mail address: Trips that qualify for this exemption will therefore not be charged or canceled afterwards.

Please note that starting today and until the end of the emergency, the exemptions already in place for ambulances are being extended. Joining the request of some companies in the industry, Autostrade per l'Italia has decided that every ambulance trip related to the Coronavirus emergency will be toll-free. The same exemption will apply to all vehicles belonging to health care charitable organizations that provide services related to the Coronavirus emergency. Once again, organizations interested in requesting this exemption need to send a self-certification form to the above-mentioned e-mail address, offering proof that the reason for the trip is related to the COVID-19 emergency. More information and related forms are available here.

Please also note that the Board of Directors of the Consorzio Autostrade Siciliane (CAS) has approved the suspension of highway tolls on sections under its management (A18- Messina-Catania motorway; A18 - Siracusa-Gela motorway, operating from Siracusa to Rosolini; A20 - Messina-Palermo motorway) starting at 02:00 on March 30, 2020 and until 02:00 on April 14, 2020.