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Telepass joins the third edition of B-Heroes as a mobility partner

8 June 2020

16 startups have been chosen to participate in the third edition of B Heroes, which will be broadcast on Sky in the spring. For those reaching the final, the prize will be in the form of investments for over one million euros, made possible by Boost Heroes and other investors, while all participants will be able to attend advancement programs.

The goal is to support the growth of the most innovative Italian startups in order to help them successfully face the market and create a new class of entrepreneurs with the help of established companies.

B Heroes aimes indeed to help new companies by offering financial support, entrepreneurial culture and visibility, creating points of contacts, and facilitating dialogue between young and experienced business owners.

Telepass, represented by Gabriele Benedetto, will play a crucial role in this edition, following advancement and mentorship programs for mobility startups.