Telepass: Employees united to support the Civil Protection during the emergency

24 March 2020

The Telepass Group and its employees donate work days to support the Civil Protection.

The initiative, launched by Group managers and supported by employees on a voluntary basis, has led to the collection of work days worth approximately €100.000, a figure that will be double by Telepass for a total amount of €200.000.

The funds so far raised by the initiative, which will continue for the next few days, are intended to support the work of the Civil Protection, on the frontline in the fight against the pandemic emergency in our country.

"The whole Telepass Group is close to those who are facing this serious emergency, alongside health workers, volunteers, and everyone who is tirelessly fighting COVID-19." says Group CEO Gabrile Benedetto. "Everyone at Telepass thanks the Civil Protection and all involved in the fight."

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