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With Telepass, even a coffee break at Autogrill is in smart mobility

12 August 2020

Whether you are in the mood for a coffee or the legendary Camogli sandwich, brioches or your supersized favorite snacks, with Telepass Pay App (and soon also with Telepass App for Family customers) you decide the perfect menu for a break during your travels, stopping at the Autogrill of your choice among more than 50 so far habilitated to this service. The express notification alerts you when the order is ready for you to collect it at the pick-up point within the reserved area, and you can make cashless payments in complete safety and naturally without queueing, in perfect Telepass style.

This is the latest project of Telepass Group, which - in partnership with Autogrill - confirms its role of ideal travel companion with the right solution at the right time.

Using this service is very easy: just login on your Telepass Pay App and “tap” on the Autogrill service area you are interested in, based on your current location. At that point, you will be able to check the menu available in that specific service area and choose what to buy. Once your choice is confirmed, you can proceed with the payment and you will receive an order number. A notification on the app will notify you once the order is ready to be picked up in the reserved area.

The new Food & Drink service is once again the fruit of our monitoring the continuous changes in consumption attitudes and the needs of people who travel. Even our historic electronic toll payment service has experienced a new wave of growth tied to those users who were using credit cards and cash” – says Telepass CEO Gabriele Benedetto – “To support the restart of post-Covid mobility, with the aim to make all mobility needs even safer and more comfortable for our customers, we have decided to launch a click&collect service in perfect Telepass style. The new Food&Drink service is added to the more than twenty services currently active and available in the Telepass Pay ecosystem. We believe we have taken another step towards a broader strategy that sees the integration of all mobility services as the cornerstone of true smart-mobility.

A brand right from the start committed to investing in innovative integrated services with the aim to allow people the best possible freedom to move, Telepass has always - and even more so right now - proven to be close to people who travel and their constantly evolving needs.

Holidays 2020 are safe and smarter than ever with Telepass, still without giving up the pleasure of your travel routines, such as break and refreshment moments, one of the great traditions of Italian holidays.