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“T va di partire?” – “Yes, please!”

3 July 2020

The new Telepass online platform takes Italians on holiday to rediscover our beautiful country

T va di partire?” is one of the latest projects of the Telepass Group for Italy, launched by the leader of smart mobility specifically in these days of departures or rather, new beginnings, and designed to concretely help Italians go on holiday. It is a new branded content online platform focused on travel, built by the Telepass Group with the aim to effectively and substantially boost the Italian recovery starting from the most precious of our resources and the most undeniable of our beauties: Our territory, its natural reserves, and its artistic and cultural heritage.

Synonymous with freedom of travel, for the last thirty years Telepass has been Italians' best travel companion, the one who always knows how to show you the shortest and cheapest way without any queues. Today, Telepass is that ever so precious friend with whom you want to share your holiday and wander around your beautiful country by any means possible. Telepass is the brilliant partner who knows the most exclusive places to reach by train and who takes you on two wheels to discover the most hidden ancient villages or the wonderful monuments of the Italian cities; the one who knows the most unexpected, eco-sustainable destinations to discover just a few steps from highway booths, as well as the most suggestive roads that cross shades of yellow and green of our countryside, all the way to the coastline, to cross the blue seas that bathe our islands.

Hence the online tale of, an editorial space that includes not only experiences of travel bloggers, editorial content, advice, ideas, and routes to discover Italy but most importantly, discounts, promotions, and real benefits provided by Telepass and Telepass Pay, thanks also to the participation of outstanding partners such as Boscolo, Alpitour World's Utravel, Legambiente, Booking, and many others. The goal is to offer a tangible contribution to Italians and allow them to enjoy their holidays in total safety.

This is the ambitious project of Telepass Group, a brand committed right from the start to investing in innovative integrated services and cutting-edge startups, with the aim to offer its customers the best possible freedom of movement, and to always be close - even more so at this time - to those who travel and to their constantly evolving needs.

T va di partire?” It is really difficult to decline an invitation from a versatile and provident travel companion like Telepass Pay, the perfect travel partner at your fingertips that has an infinite number of solutions, ideas, and proposals all ready for travels across the "boot" from north to south, including discounts, exclusive promotions, and new itineraries for an all-Italian summer dedicated to travels and exciting discoveries!