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EV Charging cashback by Telepass: charge more to save more

20 February 2022

If you work on weekdays, we’re sure you can relate to the following scenario. You consider Saturday your do-it-all day: it’s the day you’ve set aside to tackle everything that’s been piling up over the week.

The list is endless: buying groceries, going to markets, getting your hair done, going out for drinks, meeting family for lunch, and friends for dinner. Wait, there’s more: attending children’s parties, going to the park with friends, and visiting relatives. Let’s not forget going hunting for screws, boards, and wooden planks to finish that DIY project that’s been on hold since last year, but which you want to complete ASAP!

Not to mention your visit to the shopping centre where you spend an entire afternoon buying wine glasses, cutlery, and tablecloths to change things up at home this spring. Or your compulsion to shop during the sales period, or that desperate last-minute search for the perfect birthday gift for your friend, who decided day-of to throw a party, which you’re obviously invited to.

If you still have time to breathe by the end of the day, you’ll probably use it to do one last important thing: refuelling or charging your car!

Charging your electric car with Telepass Pay

Telepass is here to lessen your day’s burden with our EV Charging offer. If you’re a TPlus customer, use the Telepass Pay app to charge your car on Saturdays and get 100% cashback for your first charge – in short, get a free charging session!

Please note: use the Be Charge, Duferco, and Enel X charging points to charge your car with Telepass Pay. Follow these three simple steps:

  • Find the closest charging station using the app,
  • Press Ricarica (Charge) in the app to activate the charging point. You then have 2 minutes to connect your cable to your car and the charging point,
  • PTo stop charging, click Termina Ricarica (Stop charging) and remove the cable first from the charging point and then from your car.

Become a TPlus customer

Get Telepass and TPlus if you haven’t already yet.

  • Activate TPlus before 28 February 2022 and get €50 cashback, to be used before 31 March 2022 on services such as Fuel, Taxis, and Trains.
  • SIf you’re a new Telepass customer, get a monthly fee waiver for 6 months. If you already have a Telepass device, get TPlus for only €1.26 per month for 6 months.

Bottom line: we may not be able to help you do everything on your do-it-all day, but we can make your life easier. We hope your Sundays are made up of a fully charged car so you can have time to fully replenish your energy.

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