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30% “Green” for all electric vehicles and LNG on A35 and A58

12 June 2020

We continue to support sustainable mobility. From June 15th 2020, only for the Telepass customers who drive 100% electric vehicles or heavy-duty LNG vehicles, there are available discounts of 30% on tolls for the A35 Brebemi and A58 Teem sections. This promotion is part of The European Green Deal that promotes the reduction of gas emissions and the preservation of the enviroment. This discount, that will increase the tariff reduction for all "green" vehicles, is a strong incentive for sustainable mobility from a strategic economic and social point of view and an important stimulus after the recent health care emergency that strongly hit this area of the country

This promotion is part of the European trend that has the Nordic countries as the first to introduce economic benefits for less polluting vehicles (for 12 tonne vehicles on the highways in Holland, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden) and is part of a specific focus on this subject within the Green Deal.

The managing companies of A35 Brebemi and A58 TEEM have thought of this big promotion in the middle of a trend to stimulate "green" mobility. This tariff reduction will be on top of the 20% discount already exisiting for all the Telepass Business & Family customers.